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Everything You Need To Ride a Sport Bike

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So, you want to ride a sport bike. Unlike cruisers, sport bikes are made for rapid acceleration. They’re fun and exciting to drive, but they can also be challenging to ride at first. To make sure you stay safe, comfortable and in control, here’s a list of everything you need to get started, from sport bike wheel accessories to protective gear.

Wheel Spacers

When it comes to sport bike accessories, wheel spacers are often overlooked. However, they can make changing your wheels a quicker and easier process. Look for push-in interlocking wheel spacers that won’t move around.

Multi Tool Kit

Hauling your entire motorcycle kit is impractical when you’re riding a sport bike. After all, you don’t have a lot of space to store things and you don’t want to add too much weight to your ride. Pocket-sized multi tool kits can help you stay prepared without bulking you up or weighing you down. Look for tool kits that include basic open-ended wrenches, socket driver, spoke wrenches and screwdrivers.


When riding a sport bike, it’s imperative to wear a quality helmet. Choose a full-face option that offers maximum protection. You may also want to select a helmet with Bluetooth integration technology. Good sport bike helmets are designed to be aerodynamic, comfortable and secure. This is an area where splurging a little is worth it to ensure your safety and your confidence on your bike.

Leather Suit

Sport bike riders don’t wear leather suits just to look cool. When you’re traveling at high speeds, loose clothing can cause significant drag. A close-fitting suit can help you remain aerodynamic. It also blocks the wind and keeps you comfortable and dry in all types of weather. Leather suits also offer superior skid protection if you happen to lose control of your bike.

Heated Gloves

If you do any fast riding in cold weather, your hands will feel the chill first. Heated gloves can keep your hands warm and dry so you can maintain optimum control of your bike in cold weather.


A good pair of durable boots is a must-have for any sport bike rider. Look for a pair with straps or buckles instead of laces. You don’t want to risk having your laces come undone and get caught on your bike during your ride. If you plan to do any cold-weather riding, you should purchase a pair of boots with insulation so your toes don’t freeze.

Rim Strips

Although they don’t do much to enhance the safety or performance of your bike, rim strips can make your bike flashier. They are sport bike wheel accessories that have a huge impact on how you look. For the most notable effect, choose rim strips that are brightly colored and complement your bike’s paint job. Rim strips are easy to install and can be removed if you grow tired of them or want to switch colors.

Nothing compares to the speed and freedom a sport bike can offer. With the proper accessories and protective gear, you’ll be ready to confidently ride your sport bike in no time.