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European Road Safety Charter

Ducati Commits the the European Road Safety Charter

Ducati has committed itself to promoting and adhering to the European Road Safety Charter.

The European Road Safety Charter is intended to save 25,000 lives a year by 2010.

It represents a new phase in the European Union’s commitment to road safety.

The European Road Safety Charter was created in January 2004.

Each country’s road safety decision-making authority is asked to commit to the charter by following these ten principles:

1. To take the measures within my sphere of responsibility to contribute to the objective of reducing the number of road deaths.

2. To include road safety actions and safety performance measurement among my major objectives and principal decision-making criteria, in particular in the context of research activities, organization and investment and in the more general framework of the organization of professional activities, so as to draw up
a veritable road safety plan.

3. To share with the competent bodies responsible for road safety technical and statistical information making for a better understanding of the causes of accidents, the injuries caused by accidents and the effectiveness of preventive and palliative measures.

4. To contribute to preventing road traffic accidents by pursuing high-quality actions in one or more of the following areas: Initial and continuous driving training and information; Motor-vehicle equipment and ergonomics; and Infrastructure designed to minimize the risks of accidents and their gravity and to encourage safe driving.

5. To develop and implement technologies for reducing the consequences of road traffic accidents.

6. To contribute towards the development of means of uniform, continuous and appropriate monitoring of compliance with traffic rules by persons acting in my name or under my authority and penalizing any offenders in a uniform, rapid and proportionate way.

7. To create a framework encouraging the introduction of continuous education actions and the rehabilitation of high-risk drivers.

8. To endeavor to contribute, wherever possible, to a better understanding of the causes, circumstances and consequences of accidents in order to draw lessons from them in order to avoid their repetition.

9. To contribute towards ensuring that effective and high-quality, medical, psychological and legal assistance is available for road accident victims.

10. To accept post-evaluations by peers, in accordance with appropriate confidentiality rules, of the measures taken to improve road safety and, where necessary, to draw lessons from them to review the measures.

European Road Safety Charter

Ducati Commits to Road Safety

Ducati is therefore committing itself to spreading and sharing the important practices of road safety by helping to achieve the community goal of reducing the number of fatal accidents by 50% by 2010.

One of the objectives of the company is to encourage bikers to promote an awareness campaign about this topic.

That includes highlighting the importance of wearing appropriate protective gear, always wearing a well-fit, full-face helmet, and correctly using safety devices (ABS, lights, kick stand, and so on)

It is also very important to remember to not go on the street if you have drank alcohol or if you are under the influence of mind altering drugs. It is both dangerous for yourself and others, and it is severely punished under the law.

To further promote this project, the Bolognese company has created a series of initiatives to teach bikers how to avoid certain risky behaviors to not compromise the safety of yourself and others and also how to act in case of an accident.

Ducati organized the Ducati Riding Experience some years ago to teach many of these same safety measures.

This is a riding course for bikers at every level from learning the very basics or to improving their riding.

Hyper Tour and WDW2007

The theme of security is part of two future Ducati events: the Hyper Tour and the WDW2007.

At the Hyper Tour, a traveling event from the middle of May to the middle of September that will touch 12 Italian towns, the Baby Biker Area, a well-equipped area for children ages 3 to 7 years, will be organized.

Inside this section, there will be experienced educators to teach young bikers the basics of street safety on the Peg Perego Monster.

At the WDW2007, in addition to the Baby Biker Area, there will also be emergency first aid courses organized with the Ducati Motoclub of Ticino for all bikers.

The goal of these courses is to inform people of life saving practices in case of an accident, like how to remove a helmet and put on a neck collar.

When biking with a group of friends, it is always suggested to have the “red backpack” (a first aid kit in the form of a backpack) filled with basic first aid supplies, as well as a useful number to call for assistance.

In the end, it is always good to remember that Ducati offers the Ducati Card Assistance, the service that protects all Ducati bikers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in case of any need.

For more information visit the Ducati service section.

Publication Date: 2007

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