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Energica Has a New Dealer Financing Partner

energica eva ribelle

Say Hello to Westlake Financial Services

Energica continues to sell more and more bikes despite the fact that much of the world has been hit by an economic downturn due to COVID-19. Good for Energica. Now, the company has partnered with Westlake Financial Services to help dealers get more motorcycles in stock for an anticipated major push for U.S. dealers by the company. 

This push is driven by demand. Even the pandemic didn’t keep the pre-orders from rolling in, which prompted Energica to up production numbers. In other words, things are going well, and the company wants to keep growing.

“Thanks to enormous consumer demand for the new Energica MY2020, US retail sales are likely to almost double in 2020 versus the previous year,” pointed out Stefano Benatti, CEO of Energica Motor Company Inc. in a press release.

Westlake Financial Services will help dealers keep inventory in stock as we enter 2021. This well in turn allow dealers to make sales. It’s hard to sell bikes they don’t have on the showroom floor and with limited floor space, every bike counts. Westlake Financial Services will help make it possible for those dealers to keep Energica bikes on the floor.