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Energica Continues to See Good Sales Numbers and Expanding Business

2020 Energica eva ribelle

Moving Past the Pandemic

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and everything else that’s going on in the world Energica seems to be doing just fine. There was a hiccup with production due to the virus, but it has moved past that and continues to see success. The company recently reported that it was able to increase its delivery capacity by 68 percent over the past year.

The company is seeing exploding demand, which confirms that people are not only interested in electric bikes, but willing and able to pay for them. A big part of the company’s success is its expanding dealership network. Energica has increased its number of dealers by 72 percent. 

According to RideApart, there have also been deals to distribute its products to new markets in Asia. Add to all that the MotoE exposure that the company has, and you have an electric motorcycle company doing things right. It will be interesting to see just how good of a year the company has and then compare that to all of the other brands out there. It seems that Energica has a winning strategy and line of products, and I’m glad to see the company’s success.