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Aussie launches electric Savic Motorcycles

Dennis Savic with electric Cafe racer motorcycle orders

Australia’s first electric motorcycle company, Savic Motorcycles, will launch their electric Cafe Racer prototype at the Melbourne Moto Expo on Friday (November 23, 2018).

Melbourne rider Dennis Savic, 26, spent more than 650 hours designing and building the prototype.Savic Motorcycles electric cafe racer prototype

The three Cafe Racer production versions will be made in Melbourne and Taiwan. They will be available in 2020.

  • Alpha 60kW, from $20,000;
  • Delta 40kW, from $15,000; and
  • Omega 20kW, from $12,000.Dennis Savic with electric Cafe racer motrcycle

Each model comes with several battery pack options. The largest offered in the Alpha will provide range of up to 250km, while the smallest option in the Omega will have 50km range. 

Like all electric vehicles, peak torque is instantaneous and Dennis says his bike will accelerate from 0-100km in four seconds.

Customers will be able choose a range of options in brakes, suspension, wheels, tyres and three colours – Spectre, Stealth, and Rustic.

Aftermarket upgrades will also be offered. 

Savic says it’s a ‘dream come true’

Dennis Savic with electric Cafe racer motrcycle
Dennis with the unveiled electric Cafe Racer

This is a bit of a dream come true.

When I was 14, I decided I wanted to design and build my own vehicles one day. So I did my engineering degree and when I graduated about three years ago I got stuck into it. It’s been a long time coming.

These motorcycles are a unique offering with the most advanced features and functionality that the materials, engineering, electronic controls, electrical technology and 3D printing can offer today. 

We have created a unique design featuring a perfectly rolled (not bent) backbone frame and developed our own powertrain package.  

Our 5-10 production prototypes will start manufacture in the coming months. They feature a fully integrated, stressed, liquid-cooled, motor and energy storage system.

Depending on the model and battery pack a customer selects, a single charge can provide up to 11kWh. That costs only $3 as opposed to $15 for a petrol bike to travel 250km.

Savic Motorcycles electric cafe racer prototype

We will focus on sales and production first in Australia, then take the offering to international markets.

Our aim is to close our second round of private equity funding by February 2019.

We are accepting inquiries for our 10 C-FE (founder edition) models for 2019 and I already have a number of inquiries about the production run of about 50-100 for 2020.

Savic Motorcycles electric cafe racer prototype

Tough market

Every week we hear of a new electric motorcycle or company from traditional motorcycle companies and newcomers like Savic Motorcycles.

We wish Dennis the best of luck, but he is up against some tough hurdles in Australia:

However, it’s great to see a young Aussie engineer getting in early and developing a homegrown product.

Dennis has promised to stay in touch with Motorbike Writer during the process toward production.

  1. You do Fonzarelli Scooters a great disservice by stating that Savic is the first Australian electric motorcycle company. Fonzarelli Scooters has been around for a while – scooters are still motorcycles, even if they are different to what most people perceive to be a motorcycle. It is also incorrect (in another story) to refer to a quad-cycle as a “quad-bike”. Bi is two, tri is three and quad is four. By calling a quad-cycle a “quad-bike” is saying it has four wheels in the first part and two in the next!

  2. Tough or not, the EVBs are coming. Thankfully. What a crazy judgement to say it’s just going to be tough? There are so many advancements in electrics now. Race EVs are killing it. So I think it’s going to be easier than you think.

    You must not be aware of the Aussie smarts in EVBs, particularly Ripperton and Sutherland. The modified Zero SR for racing Ripperton and Hiley made is amazingly refined. And it’s still street legal.

    Did you ride it? Have you driven a Tesla? I find IC lovers can’t handle the torque or rethink how to drive EVs. Fossils in a changing world. Noise is for people who don’t feel heard. EV drivers just do. 🙂

    1. Hi Frederick,
      I agree. They’re coming.
      But it’s going to be tough, particularly in Australia with its vast distances, lack of infrastructure and hot climate.
      I’ve ridden and driven several electric vehicles and I love their acceleration, “engine braking” and quiet running.
      I think I still have the lap record at Queensland Raceway for the fastest lap in an electric vehicle (probably because no one else has attempted to set an EV lap time!).
      By the way, it was a Tesla Roadster and we had to stop after about four laps as the battery was overheating.

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