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Electric Everything: Ola Reveals Four New Electric Motorcycles in Prototype Phase

Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster and Diamondhead to Debut Production Models by 2024

A view of the four electric machines that Ola revealed today. Media sourced from Team BHP.
A view of the four electric machines that Ola revealed today. Media sourced from Team BHP.

Just yesterday, Ola’s CEO, Bhavish Aggarwal, teased a sneak peek of a bike he said was in the “big reveal” of the brand’s “End ICE Age” event August 15

Well, we’re here, and today’s to-do’s have generated four electric Ola prototypes – bikes whose production-ready reveals are scheduled for 2024.

Take a look:

A view of the four electric machines that Ola revealed today. Media sourced from Team BHP.
A view of the four electric machines that Ola revealed today. Media sourced from Team BHP.

Being christened “Cruiser, Adventure, Roadster and Diamondhead,” the names leave little to the imagination; the Diamondhead, in particular, reminds me a bit of that new Jailbreak concept car if it were married to the Ducati Zero electric design concept that went viral back in 2017… but chonkier.

Possibly a lot heavier.

Biting the proverbial fingernails on power potential for this guy, too. 

Here’s what we know about each bike so far, thanks to coverage sourced from Team BHP:

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Ola Roadster

For an electric bike, Ola’s Roadster appears more typical than the other Ola offerings; this prototype displays an LED strip – the running theme in the range – as well as a small cowling/windscreen moment, taller clip-ons with wider handlebars for more neutral riding ergonomics and extended turn indicators. 

A two-tone set of aqualine fairings and a minimalist digital console complete the modern visuals, leading the eye to the suspension: An upside-down fork and rear monoshock, rolling on alloy wheels and carrying a single-sided swingarm, with stoppage controlled by disc brakes and the additional perk of a passenger peg for two-up thrills.

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Ola Adventure

Thus begins Ola’s forage into the electric ADV segment.

The Ola Adventure shows off long-travel suspension, complete with an upside-down fork at the front and a monoshock unit at the rear. The floating duties accompany wire-spoked wheels, which are dressed in Pirelli Scorpion STR rubber and show off the typical dual-sided swingarm. 

The ground clearance may be on point, but we’re more curious about the power specs, which are still TBA for the range.

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Ola Cruiser

Laidback ergonomics, a low saddle, and high handlebars; Ola definitely injected a futuristic lean on the first member of their electric cruiser range.

This zero-emission prototype sports LED lights, a sparse digital dash, an elongated fuel tank, suspension in the form of an upside-down fork with accompanying monoshock at the rear, and disc brakes. A single-sided swingarm lends swag to the overal look of the thing, while a few well-placed fairings cover the bike’s shoulder and front forks.

The rest of the machine is streamlined for days, with no passenger potential in the stubby tail.

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Ola Diamondhead

This one’s a weirdo. 

The horizontal strip at the front of the Ola Diamondhead isn’t a headlight, it’s a glow-up aesthetic. The real headlamp sits on the underside of the bike’s nose, which serves as a sort of complimentary windscreen and is dressed, like the rest of the machine, in dual-tone fairings. 

Limbo-low clip-on handlebars and 17” alloy wheels contribute to the bike’s aggressive stance, while Ola’s Diamondhead shows off brakes in the form of a dual disc at the front and single at the rear. 

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A hub-centred steering system completes our knowledge of this prototype.

What do you think of Ola’s new electric motorcycles? 

*Media sourced from Team BHP, as well as Youtube*