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Electric BMW scooters for police

BMW scooter for police

The world’s first fleet of electric BMW scooters has been delivered to the Barcelona police.

The scooters will be able to patrol the cobblestoned streets silently and sneak up on those pesky purse snatchers.

BMW Motorrad has handed over 30 BMW C evolution scooters at a ceremony at Barcelona City Hall.BMW scooter for police

Electric scooters and bikes are becoming quite common around the US, Canada and Hong Kong where their stealth abilities and zero pollution emissions are considered ideal for city work.

BMW Motorrad Australia says we are to ready for the electric scooters yet, claiming our range requirements are too big and infrastructure is not yet suitable.

The BMW C evolution scooter is powered by a motor with continuous output of 11KW and a maximum output of 35KW.

The Barcelona models have been modified for police use with a raised screen, public address system and signals.

Californian electric motorcycle company Zero has been highly successful in getting its Zero DS Police motorcycle into service in several countries.

We could soon be seeing stealth police on patrol in our streets as a Zero DS Police bike is currently in Australia being considered by police forces here.

Zero electric DS police motorcycle
Zero electric DS police motorcycle
  • Would you like t see police using silent electric bikes and scooters?