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El Solitario Partners Up With Alpinestars For ADV Suit

The Coolest ADV Suit I’ve Ever Seen

El Solitario makes some really cool stuff; and I’m not just blowing sunshine up your ass. During my research for this article, I stumbled upon their ‘A BIKE IS A GUN‘ hoodie and bought it instantly without even thinking.. Am I weak? No. El Solitario is just that awesome.

Luckily for you ADV riders that want even more drysuit options, Alpinestars teamed up with El Solitario to provide riders with some really well-designed ADV-wear.

The El Solitario Mowat Drystar jacket (and pants) not only looks awesome but is also packed with all the Alpinestars tech you’d find in a traditional Alpinestars jacket (or pants).

The jacket features full Alpinestars Drystar construction which they claim provides complete 100% waterproofing, 600D poly internal reinforcement, leather patches on shoulders and elbows for added protection, and stretch panels in all the right areas so you can maintain comfort during your ride.

I wouldn’t put my bets on fabric alone saving your life in the event of a crash, though. Neither would Alpinestars. The El Solitario site states that the jacket has armor for full protection, Level 1 Bio Armor on shoulder and elbow (Nucleon chest Level 1 and Nucleon 2 back protectors available as an accessory upgrade) for effective impact protection.

The same story goes for the pants; they are constructed from poly rip-stop featuring leather patches on knees for extra rip protection. They hold category 2, A class full CE-certification under PPE regulation, with the same level 1 Bio Air Armor on the knee that you find in the jacket as well.

The suit comes in 2 variations, sand, and camo (the camo is far more expensive, but hey, style ain’t cheap).

Sand Color:

Camo Color: