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EDZ Neck Warmer Review

The EDZ Motorcycle Neck Warmer

The EDZ neck warmer is light weight, stretchy and easy to use.

It blocks some of the wind and provides light insulation over the neck and chin and keeps the bugs from your neck.

The clocks have been set back one hour and the sun is setting earlier.

The leaves have golden halos and a misty frost covered the grass on a recent morning.

What’s it all mean?

For motorcyclists in the northern hemisphere, it’s time to start thinking about strategies for keeping warm rather than cool.

It also means zipping in the jacket liner and breaking out the winter gloves.

It may also mean re-reading the webBikeWorld review of windproof motorcycle underwear.

Each year around this time we try and find another product that can help riders keep warm. Our latest find is from EDZ Technical Performance Wear in the U.K. EDZ is not a household name in the U.S.A., but they should be.

They probably offer more motorcycle-related cold-weather clothing and accessories than anyone else on the planet.

It seems like only yesterday when it was scorching hot and we were in the midst of evaluating theEDZ motorcycle wicking underwear, which is designed to be worn under leathers or other motorcycle clothing to wick away moisture.

The EDZ “MultiTube” Neck Warmer

When we purchased that outfit I added one of the EDZ “MultiTube” neck warmers to the shopping cart, and all of a sudden the cold weather is here and it’s time to try it out.

I’ve found that I can arm myself with just about every piece of high-tech winter motorcycle apparel available, but if my neck and chin get cold, I’m miserable.

I’ll even wear a bandanna wrapped around my neck during the summer if the weather turns just the least bit cool. I don’t like cold air blowing on my neck!

I own a couple of wind-blocking neck protectors and a Balaclava or two, and we recently reviewed the NOJ Quiet Rider helmet noise and wind blocker.

But this EDZ MultiTube neck warmer is cool-looking, easy to use and, best of all, it serves multiple functions, which is always a plus with motorcycle gear.

The EDZ neck warmer is made from some type of lightweight and stretchy “sports base layer fabric” (a term that EDZ uses quite frequently) that blocks most of the wind and acts as a lightweight insulating layer for the rider’s neck.

The MultiTube is about 20″ long (~ 51 cm) and 8″ (20.5 cm) in diameter.

It’s easy to put on; I can quickly pop it over my head before I put on my helmet, and it’s designed to either stay bunched up around the neck or pulled up over the chin if the weather starts to get really nasty.

I haven’t tried it in warm weather, but EDZ claims that it will “cool when it’s hot” and that the fabric will wick away moisture.

I suppose it could also be moistened with water to keep the rider’s neck cool in hot weather as the water evaporates. I’ll have to remember this come next summer…

The MultiTube is perfect for those crisp, cool fall days. It’s available in the black and white Arab print shown here; all black; or red or blue with white dots. It only comes in one universal size that will fit the vast majority of neck sizes.

We’ve had excellent results ordering from EDZ and the products have arrived in the U.S.A. faster than many orders I’ve placed with retailers only a few hundred miles away.

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wBW Review: EDZ MultiTube Neck Warmer
Manufacturer: EDZ Technical Performance Wear List Price (2005): £10.00
Colors: Black; Black and white print; red with white dots; blue with white dots. Made In: Unknown
Sizes: Fits all. Review Date: November 2005
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From “N.W.”:  “Regarding the neck warmer, it sounds a lot like the Zub, which is one of those brilliantly simple inventions that I now have no idea how I got on without (sorry about the tortured syntax).

No more flapping scarves, slipping bandanas, executioner-style skullcaps, just a Zub on the head and, if it’s cold, the other round the neck, and you’re set. And it’s not just for motorcycling.

Mine gets used all the time, to keep my bald and shiny dome warm under a bicycle helmet, to keep sweat out of my eyes, protect from the sun, and so on, and you can wash it by simply taking it in the shower with you afterwards!

Now I just need to find some good silk glove liners …..

Cheers, and keep up the good work – your site is an excellent, interesting and informative resource, which has done a great deal to help, entertain and educate me. Thanks.”

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