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Eccity Motorcycles Offers Fancy Electric Scooters

eccity motorcycles

An Interesting French Company

Eccity Motorcycles is a French company that makes electric motorcycles and scooters. The company’s machines are generally categorized as 50cc or 125cc equivalent machines. The company wants to get more folks out on electric scooters. To do this, it’s not only selling the scooters but it’s also built an extensive network of service centers and dealerships across Europe. 

The scooters have homologation in the European Union and the bikes are currently available in Austria, Belgium, Germany, UK, Lituania, and Spain. There are four models: Eccity 50, Eccity 125, Eccity 125+, and Eccity Model3. The 50 can do 27 mph and about 74 miles per charge. The 125 can do 62 mph and do about 71 miles per charge. The 125+ will make 74 mph and do about 67 miles per charge. The Model3 is a unique leaning trike that I’m not seeing top speed or range specifications for on Eccity’s website, but I’d bet it’s on par with the 125 model.

I think these bikes are pretty ugly, but then most scooters aren’t exactly handsome machines. The specs would make them great for commuters and people who live in town. The 125 and 125+ would even be able to handle longer commutes and likely some highway travel, though obviously not very far. I think the electric scooter will play a big role in transportation around urban environments, and it’s cool to see another player in this space.