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Dunlop Just Released Street-Legal Trials Tires

Trials Tires For The Road

Do you ever feel like bouncing on your rear wheel in traffic? On your daily commute, do you imagine yourself taking the stairs up to your office on your motorcycle? Have you ever wanted to complete your full 10-mile commute without your front tire touching the ground? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding YES, then look no further; Dunlop has brought a street-legal trials tire to market in form of the new K950.

Trials and dual-sport bikes can find major benefits when paired with a proper set of proper shoes. Finding the right off-road tire that is also adequate for the roadways can be a bit of a pain in the ass, but hopefully, these new Dunlops will do the trick.

These DOT-certified tires feature very small, symmetrical knobs – much smaller and compact than what you would find on a traditional off-road tire. When it comes to off-road tires with large and spread-out knobs, you can lack traction on harder surfaces (especially when they’re wet) thanks to the low contact area due to the spacing between knobs. With the tread pattern on the K950 being much more compact, you will find yourself with a lot more predictability and performance when crossing surfaces and on tightly-packed trails.

Sure, big knobby off-road tires are great for plowing through mud – but more often than not, dual-sport riders find themselves on dirt roads with much higher surface density than what a straight-up dirtbike will be found on, making these tires perfect for your dual-sport bike (or trials bike; that is, if you dare commute on one).

The Dunlop K950 will be available in a 4.00-18 size and will be available from most major distributors.