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Ducati’s Scrambler To Come In Fasthouse Edition


The Winning Circle

Fasthouse and Italian manufacturer, Ducati, are collaborating on a 2021 Ducati Scrambler to celebrate their success in the 2020 Mint 400.

The Mint 400 is a 400-mile race through the Mojave Desert, featuring many dangerous sections of riding terrain. Jordan Graham crossed the finish line in first place on his Fasthouse retrofitted Ducati Scrambler, and as a result, the two companies decided to come together for an official Fasthouse X Ducati project.

This collaborative effort is aimed to resemble the winning Scrambler that Graham rode over the finish line, and even features the same livery. It’s important to keep in mind that outfitting a motorcycle to survive a 400-mile trek through the desert requires a complete overhaul. Although this collab bike is a scrambler and does look like the bike that was riding in the race, it’s missing tons of the big parts that were retrofitted to survive the race.

This official replica bike doesn’t see the Galfer brakes, off-road rims/tires, or the high-speed steering stabilizer (sand ain’t fun to ride fast in) that can be found on Graham’s race-winning steed, but other than that it sure looks the part!

Besides the aesthetic changes, this bike remains a tried-and-true Scrambler Desert Sled. The 803cc L-twin engine from the standard desert sled is present and virtually unchanged, and everything else on the bike seems pretty up-to-spec with the standard edition. Pirelli Scorpion STR Rally tires wrap the 19″ front and 17″ rear wheels, and the suspension and brakes remain the same as well.

This special edition motorcycle will be available with a production run of 800 bikes and will be available on showroom floors by May of this year.