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Ducati to add radar and cornering ABS

Ducati and Audi demonstraties V2X radar
Ducati and Audi demonstrate radar technology

Ducati will add front and rear radar and cornering ABS to its entire range in 2020 as part of its development of safety technology to fit into an automated driving future.

Cornering ABS allows riders to apply hard braking to the front wheel even when leaning in a corner. The radar would detect other vehicles and could be linked to emergency braking.

The announcement was made at a demonstration by Ducati and Audi of their accident avoidance system V2X.

It stands for vehicle-to-everything communication that shares data between motorcycles, cars, pedestrians, bicycles and infrastructure. 

Radar alert

The system uses radar to detect vehicles and road infrastructure and send an alert. 

If the rider or driver doesn’t react in time, anti-collision measures such as emergency braking take over.

They believe V2X radar will be a key to the autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicle future.

It is claimed to eliminate SMIDSY (sorry mate, I didn’t see you) crashes … so long as all vehicles involved are equipped wth the technology!

KTM demonstration

KTM adds Adaptive cruise control and blind spot alert ride vision radar
KTM adds Adaptive cruise control and blind spot alert

The demonstration comes a month after KTM demonstrated adaptive cruise control and blind spot alert systems which will be introduced to their range in 2021.pastedGraphic.png

The Austrian and Italian motorcycle manufacturers have been working with Bosch on these rider intervention aids that have been standard in many cars for some years.

Bosch has also been working on jet thrusters that will prevent a low-side slide.

Bosch rider aids blind spot warning sensors automated radar radar
Bosch thrusters to prevent low-sides

Ducati demonstration

Ducati and its parent company Audi held a V2X demonstration in Bologna that featured an Audi car and a Ducati Multistrada.

It was shown in common situations that can take place between motorcycles and vehicles, such as a car driving out in front of a motorcycle.

Ducati and Adi demonstraties V2X radar

Pierluigi Zampieri, Vehicle Innovation Manager at Ducati Motor Holding says: “This is the perfect demonstration of use cases in which modern technologies can drastically improve the safety of future motorcycle users. C-V2X communication is definitely one of the key projects o

f the Ducati 2025 safety road map”.

The demonstration was the first of the ConVeX (Connected Vehicle to Everything) project involving Audi, Ducati, Ericsson, SWARCO, the Technical University of Kaiserslautern, and

Qualcomm CDMA Technologies GmbH.