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Ducati Sport Classics Parts & Accessories

Ducati Sport Classics Parts & Accessories

Ducati Sport Classics Parts & Accessories Review Summary
Review Summary

We’re starting to collect lots of information on parts and accessories for the GT1000 and the Ducati Sport Classics, so we’ll list them all here.

If you’d like to add something or if you’d like to write an article about installing an accessory or a repair or maintenance task on your Sportclassic,

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Paddock Stands and Rear Stands for the Ducati GT 1000 and Ducati Sport Classics:   I called Pit Bull to confirm that their Sportclassic stand does indeed fit the the GT1000; see the wBW review of the Pit Bull rear paddock stand for the Ducati Sport Classics  |  TheAnderson Under-Engine Lifter is supposed to work on the GT1000 like a portable center stand  |  Ducati apparently makes a stand that will fit the double-sided swingarm of the GT1000; it can be ordered through Ducati dealers

GT1000 Accessories:  More info on GT1000 accessories on our GT 1000 Blog!  |  Ducati Saarland (DE) has parts and accessories for SportClassics  |  Interesting SportClassic accessories with information about GT1000 goodies available in Europe (Thanks to Erik W.)  |  Ducati 2007 Sport Classics parts listings are also available on the Ducati website

GT1000 Seats: See our article comparing three different seat options for the GT1000

Ducati Sport Classics Accessories:  Custom Sportclassics has parts and accessories for the GT1000 and other Sport Classics, including a fly screen (review coming soon), hand grips, oil filters, decals and more

Airbox – Air Filter:  Ducati Saarland (Germany) has a “racing” air filter cover for the GT1000; rough translation is “more air in the air cleaner box.  The cover is exchanged only against the original cover.  Simple assembly.  The Racing air filter cover is suitable ideally in the combination with the K+N filter”

Looking for Accessories?  S.J. from Sweden writes:  “I have the Termignonis mounted and have also taken out the last end of the silencer.  The bike runs much better with this set of silencers and the new control unit.  It feels stronger, not to mention the sound.  I am looking for a luggage rack, has anybody seen one yet?  UPDATE: See the link above to Ducati Saarland, they have a chrome luggage rack for the GT1000 but it’s not clear how to order it and the site is in German

Sportclassic Exhaust Systems:  Aella (Japan) sells the Casuno exhaust system for the Ducati Sport Classics and check out the other interesting billet parts for Ducatis of all stripes  |  Sportclassic Conti replica stainless steel exhaust now available in slip on or full system at Bevel Heaven; I like the look of the stock mufflers better, but wow, do these sound good!

Online Download for Ducati Shop Manuals:  Not sure if these are legal or not, but shop manuals for many Ducatis can be purchased and downloaded online at DUC.NU

Ducati SportClassic Shock Absorbers

SportClassic Shocks – Shock Absorbers:   Visitor “E.O.” wrote with some information on shocks:

“Nice job on the articles. I’ve been keeping up with the reading and progress. Two items of note: The factory finally released the higher bars that I’ve been waiting for and discussed with you awhile back, so I will go that route rather than the one-off home brew from the person in the Daytona area.

Even better, is the availability of an aftermarket, fully-adjustable shock that won’t set you back big bucks. Under $400.

“Ikon,” the Australian company that makes the former “Koni” m/c shocks, has manufactured shocks to fit the GT.

The GT, due to its chain guard, requires significant space on the lower portion of the shock for clearance.

The 7614s (and per the company, even the 7610s which I have on my Bonnie) can be adapted at the factory to fit.  I just ordered mine (custom order to Australia) through New Bonneville and expect to receive them in another week. Quick service.

The 7614s are supposedly an improved upgrade of the 7610s (which are worth every penny I paid for them and then some). Anyone familiar with the old Koni shocks will know what they can expect in ride improvement over the OEM shocks.”

SportClassic Lighting:  Cool-looking FLEDA (Flexible LED brake light and tail light) for the PS1000 available through JCPakBikes in the U.S.A.

SportClassic Maintenance:  Nice article describing a do-it-yourself 15,000 mile service check on a GT1000

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