Ducati Slipper Clutch – STM Slipper Clutch

Ducati Slipper Clutch - STM Slipper Clutch

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Ducati Slipper Clutch
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Diagram of an STM Slipper Clutch for a Ducati – More info can be found on the STM site; STM slipper clutches can be purchased (if you have a big wallet!) from Hard Racing. (Thank you Chris Edwards and the Mid-Atlantic Ducati club for these diagrams!)

STM says : “It’s the only slipper clutch kit used by the main World Super Bike Ducati Racing Teams. Fits all Ducati’s back to the early ’90 models. Allows the rider to quickly decrease gears without risk of locking the rear wheel, and/or over-revving the engine, with evident safety advantages to the rider, and engine longevity.”  More photos of this slipper clutch from the 2005 Dealer Expo.

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