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Ducati Paul Smart 1000 – GT 1000 – Sport 1000


Bologna, January 30, 2004 – The enthusiasm and fascination expressed by the public from all over the world for these new Ducati concept bikes has convinced the Bologna company to schedule all three “Sport Classic” models for production.

Due to the huge positive response following the presentation of the new Sport Classic family of bikes at the Tokyo Motor Show, Ducati has decided to start production of the motorcycles.

The positive response was also backed up by Internet statistics on Ducati’s website, with more than 310,000 page views testifying to the enormous interest in this new Ducati machines.

The website also received more than 16,000 responses to a survey in which visitors were asked to provide feedback and show their preferences regarding the three models.

In addition, endless free discussions about the new machines could be followed in forums on top international motorcycle sites, plus emails and a host of other positive input confirming the huge level of interest generated by the new products.

Ducati, which has always made a point of sharing its commercial and sporting strategies with customers and fans, could hardly remain indifferent to such a tangible display of enthusiasm, so it comes as no surprise that the Italian makers have decided to set up a production program for all three Sport Classic models.

Paul Smart 1000 to be First

The first bike to roll off the production lines will be the magnificent and exclusive “Paul Smart”, which will be in the showrooms from November 2005. This machine will be initially produced in a limited edition of one thousand in the original livery of the bike that inspired this model, i.e. the legendary “750 Imola Racer” with which Paul Smart won the historic Imola race in 1972. This initial limited edition series will feature top level components (including Öhlins rear shock absorber and front forks).

Next: Sport 1000

Subsequently the “Sport 1000” will enter production starting from March 2006; handsome, original, fascinating, and keenly aggressive, this bike has all it takes to become a cult icon and trendsetter. A muscular Café Racer style distinguished by the unmistakable Ducati bright yellow colors. Timeless beauty coupled with all the performance that true enthusiasts have come to expect.

GT 1000

And just six months after this initial launch customers will be able to purchase the “GT 1000”, scheduled to enter production in September 2006. The new GT 1000 is the perfect expression of a long tradition of stylistic elegance and top-level components, with the ease of handling associated with modern machines.

For the present, since it is not possible to determine the exact manufacturing costs on such a long-term basis, Ducati has established price ranges for each model:

Paul Smart: 14,000-15,000 €  |  9,000-10,000 £  |  $14,000-16,000  |  1.700,000-1.900,000 Yen

Sport 1000:  11,000-12,000 €  |  7,500-8,500£  |  $11,000-13,000  |  1.500,000 -1.700,000 Yen

GT 1000 10,000-11,000 € |  7,000-8,000£  |  $10,000-12,000  |  1.300.000-1.500.000 Yen

Orders for the bikes will be accepted from 1 March up to 1 September of this year at the minimum prices specified. Reservations can be made at authorized Ducati dealers in accordance with the normal procedures. Deliveries will strictly reflect production schedules.

In the words of Ducati Chairman and Managing Director Federico Minoli “I’m delighted with the success that this bike is encountering. The three Sport Classic machines we are presenting today represent a compendium of the unbeatable technology that has become a Ducati hallmark over the years, plus the innate Ducati style of timeless beauty.” “Once again, in the light of the positive feedback we have received from Ducati enthusiasts from all over the world, we have decided to make our dreams a reality.”

Incorporated in 1926, Ducati builds quality motorcycles based on race concepts, characterized by engines with “desmodromic” valve control, innovative design, and cutting edge technology. The Ducati motorcycle range covers five market segments, differentiated in terms of technical and design characteristics and customer category: Superbike, Super Sport, Monster, Sport Touring, and Multistrada. Ducati bikes are sold in more than 40 countries, with the greatest concentration of outlets in European and North American markets. Ducati has won eleven of the last thirteen World Superbike Championships plus more individual victories than all the other competing makes combined. For more information on Ducati, visit our website at

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