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Ducati has a new Multistrada 950 S in GP White

Ducati Multistrada White

Taking a Cue from MotoGP

Not long ago I wrote about the new Panigale V2 receiving its White Rosso livery. Now Ducati is offering a special white color for the Multistrada 950 S. The bike will be available with a new GP White color scheme in 2021, according to DriveMags. The color scheme is different than the one on the Panigale V2, but it’s still MotoGP-inspired.

The color scheme is mostly made up of white and grey paint. However, there are some red accents that really help the motorcycle’s features pop-out at you. It’s an attractive color, though I’d hesitate to buy a white motorcycle for fear of it literally always being dirty.

The 950 S isn’t the pinnacle of the Multistrada lineup. Ducati has a 1260 Multistrada that’s a bit more bike than the 950, with more displacement and power and a few minor changes. Still, the 950 S is one of the best motorcycles in its segment and comes with a strong 937cc twin engine that makes 113 horsepower and 71 lb-ft of torque, good enough for just about everything you’d want to do.

The new color scheme adds another option to an already very robust Multistrada lineup for Ducati. It will be interesting to see which color scheme riders favor.