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Ducati Glasgow’s Knockhill Event

Ride with Carl Fogarty, Test Out Ducati Bikes and Enjoy the Stunt shows and Prize Raffle

Ducati's machines on the Knockhill Racing Circuit

If you find yourself near Scotland this weekend, it may be worthwhile to trot on over to Ducati Glasgow and register for a test ride…better yet, why not head on over to the Knockhill Racing Circuit on May 15th for a boatload of fun to accompany those test rides?

A view of the advertisement for Ducati Glasgow's Knockhill event
Ducati Glasgow’s advert for the Knockhill Event, courtesy of Ducati Glasgow

Who knows, you might bump into somebody like four-times Superbike World Champion Carl Fogarty, who might take you out on a ride of the circuit…but no promises – not until you’ve gotten yourself scheduled in. 

Today’s report from VisorDown states that Ducati Glasgow’s Knockhill Event will take place this upcoming Sunday, with Carl Fogarty as well as other key icons of Ducati racing lineage (ex-road racer Ian Simpson and former World Supersport ace Iain Macpherson) present to join the festivities. 

the Knockhill Racing Circuit
The Knockhill Racing Circuit, courtesy of VisorDown

The day’s proceedings include “displays by Lamborghini Edinburgh (the event itself is put on by Ducati Glasgow, which is a part of the Ducati Manchester Group), as well as stunt shows, mini moto sessions and a prize raffle.” 

A ducati bike outside of Ducati Glasgow headquarters in Scotland
Ducati Glasgow headquarters in Scotland, courtesy of the Scottish Business Insider

Test rides of Ducati’s bikes will also be taking place, with the report suggesting that the location of the test rides means you could even have access to the likes of the Panigale V4 (or V2). 

A group of racing machines on the Knockhill Racing Circuit, Courtesy of Knockhill
A group of racing machines on the Knockhill Racing Circuit, Courtesy of Knockhill

To organize a test ride, call 0141 333 4998; check out the finer details on Ducati’s website, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties. 

*Media sourced from Ducati Glasgow, Knockhill, and VisorDown*