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Driver charged after 2019 fatal bike crash

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A 57-year-old male driver has been charged after a fatal collision between his Toyota Yaris and a motorcycle in Queanbeyan, NSW, last December.

The collision occurred about 3.20pm on Monday 23 December 2019 in McCrae Street, near Lanyon Drive.

The 74-year-old male rider was taken to Queanbeyan Hospital with face, chest and leg injuries.

He died in hospital on Wednesday 1 January 2020.

The Yaris driver was not injured in the collision and was taken to Queanbeyan Hospital for mandatory testing.

Officers from the Crash Investigation Unit commenced an investigation.

Last Sunday, (31 May 2020), the driver, from Kambah, ACT, attended Queanbeyan Police Station where he was issued with a Court Attendance Notice for negligent driving (occasioning death).

He is due to appear at Queanbeyan Local Court on Monday 24 August 2020.

The penalties in NSW for negligent driving causing death on a first offence are:

Maximum fine $3300
Minimum disqualification 12 months
Automatic disqualification 3 years
Maximum prison sentence 18 months
  1. Finally, forward progress, providing some comfort to all the riders that lost a family member & friend.

  2. While I do not know the circumstances of this particular event one possible excuse would be that due to the massive A pillars in most modern cars that can easily hide a truck the driver may genuinely have never seen the rider.
    As riders we must remember that even when you think they can see you never count on it.

    1. It’s too easy to look for excuses. I had a car pull out on me today 10m in front of me on a 70kph road in the wet. The driver stopped, looked, propped, looked, then just pulled out. As it happened, I wasn’t on my motorcycle, my usual mode of transport, I was in my 3 tonne white Landcruiser. Luckilly, I’d slowed, but that close I was hard on the brakes and would have hit him except I managed to swerve onto the wrong side, as oncoming traffic was 200m away. I drive and ride defensively, and only for this, he would have at best been in hospital. Annoyingly, he then tailgated me. Sometimes they just don’t have a good enough look, and it can be hard to pick those that don’t look.

      BTW, some A pillars are big enough drivers can’t see B Doubles, but surely we should be smart enough to assume that if there is a blind spot, something might be in it, and maybe watch for a couple of seconds?

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