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Draggin improves motorcycle protective jeans

Draggin jeans extreme clothing

Australian motorcycle protective clothing company Draggin will release the first single-layer denim jeans with abrasion resistance higher than four seconds.

The company also claims the jeans will be as comfortable to wear as a regular pair of jeans.

Their announcement follows the ABC Catalyst program on March 29, 2016, which highlighted the difference in quality of protection in motorcycle protective clothing. Watch the video above.

It showed that the Draggin Roomoto MR4 lining has the highest abrasion resistance of 6.67 seconds, out-performing textiles at 0.25 seconds and leathers at 3.64 seconds.

The test was performed by running the fabric along sandpaper to replicate the action of sliding down the road.

Draggin protective lining being tested
Draggin Roomoto lining being tested

The Catalyst program focussed on university research into abrasion resistance and the safety aspects of comfort, especially heat.

A statement by Draggin says these are the areas they also concentrate on in their research and development.

Draggin also says they support an independently tested Star Rating standard to “help stop the confusion of what performance any piece of riding gear offers, not all gear is equal, not all riding jeans are equal as not all leather is equal”.

“The holy grail for Draggin is to create riding gear than in both feel and appearance no different to normal clothes, but with the added bonus of high performance protection,” their statement says.

In 1997, Draggin created the now-standard practice of making clothing with a denim or a fabric outer and a performance lining to protect the rider.

Draggin Holeshot motorcycle jeans with protective Roomoto lining
Draggin Holeshot motorcycle jeans with Roomoto lining

Draggin claims their clothing now can outperform much of the leather and all of the textiles on the market while being much more comfortable to wear.

“For many years Draggin has been researching the possibility of creating a single layer fabric that can have the look and feel of regular denim that also provides a comparable level of protection to our lined jeans,” they say.

“There have been other brands in the market to release this single layer denim however, with testing they are shown to perform no better than regular denim and even at times decrease the performance of standard denim.”

Draggin will release the first single-layer denim jeans that offers performance to a standard higher than four seconds of abrasion resistance later this year.

  1. Made my skin crawl watching the video. It is a bit of hit and miss with motorcycle riding gear. I carry water for any trip longer than an hour. I know it can be difficult but the benefit out ways the negative. More so in hot humid climate that you live in Mark.

  2. Before Draggin came to market the choice was leather or thick textile trousers
    After having to have a jacket custom made as no one had anything that would fit correctly straight off the rack the budget wasn’t available for custom pants. So I bought a cheap quality pair of bib and brace overalls and had some leather patches attached to the knees,
    Costing less than a hundred bucks they actually worked well especially after I waxed them to offer a bit of rain protection. I had two offs and was hit by all sorts of rubish flung up off the road, one chunk of truck tire would have smashed my knee if not for the padding and leather. What finally got them was using them as overalls when I did some renovations.
    But after seeing the quantum episode I think I’ll invest in another pair and some dragging if they have my size.

  3. Hi MBW, I was wondering if MrsMBW had heard/seen or tried the GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings? Im brand spanking new to the world of motorbikes and although Ive read lots about the increase in womens riding apparel, stores dont stock enough sizes to actually try things on. I’d love to read a MrsMBW review of the GoGo Gear Kevlar Leggings, I like her writing style, no nonsense and from a womans point of view regarding looking and feeling good.
    Thanks for your (and MrsMBW) blogs and reviews, having found you yesterday, I’ve learnt a great deal already!!

    1. Hi Hayley,
      I don’t know about GoGo Gear leggings, but my daughter is reviewing a pair of kevlar leggings from BikieChic.
      That review is coming soon, so stay tuned.

      1. Hi Mark
        Thanks for the prompt reply, I’d put my money on those being the ones I’m interested in. They’re only available from a limited number of suppliers and BikieChic is one of those. I’ll hold tight and wait for her review!
        Thanks again!

  4. thanks for the link to Resurgence. I checked out a video on you tube dated 2016, where they claim to be the only Denim Jean with a CE Mark level 2 designation. Not so, Draggin Jeans, Australia, have held such a designation since March 2013.

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