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Damon Hypersport SX and SE On the Way

With the Hypersport bringing so much hype to the brand this year, Damon decided to offer some lower-priced options to the lineup to make the brand more appealing to the masses. 

The original Hypersport HS is an EV motorcycle aimed at providing riders with a 200 horsepower, 200 mph top-speed option in the EV market. With the original Hypersport aimed to retail for $24,995, it only makes sense for Damon to bring some other options to their plate to diversify the slim lineup.

The SX and SE won’t have the same 20 kWh battery that is found in the HS, though. The SE will have an 11 kWh battery making 100 horsepower with a range of 108 miles and a top speed of 120 mph, while the SC will be making 150 horsepower with a range of 150 miles thanks to its 15 kWh battery.

The numbers make perfect sense and this format should give options to three different subsects of riders. Personally, I would have named them the Hypersport 10, Hyperspot 15, and Hypersport 20 due to the numerical patterns found in the bike specs, but I guess that’s why I’m writing this blog post instead of manufacturing cutting-edge EV motorcycles.

If you’re looking for even further added value with your new EV motorcycle purchase, Damon has put together a subscription program allowing for 24, 36, or 48 months of ownership with the ability to exchange your bike with a newer version at the end of the term. It’s leasing.

The SE will be retailing for $16,995 while the SX will be priced at $19,995 and can be pre-ordered from the Damon website with a $100 reservation fee.