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Dakar Certified Tech-Air Off-Road Airbag System From Alpinestars Coming Soon

Maximum Safety for an Unsafe Riding Style

For the 2021 Dakar rally race, it will be mandated for riders to show up equipped with a certified airbag system. Luckily for consumers, when companies develop tech for racing series it usually trickles down the R&D ladder and ends up being a consumer product.

As of right now, Alpinestars currently has a few airbag products: the Tech-Air Street ($799.95) and the Tech-Air Race ($1,149.95). With the introduction of the upcoming Tech-Air Off-Road system, they look to complete the line-up with all riding surfaces covered.

Alpinestars has been developing the Tech-Air Off-Road System for the last two years, having some of their professional riders equipped with it during the 2019 and 2020 Dakar rally. The system uses a “Rally-riding crash detection algorithm” to deploy airbags to the chest, back, collarbones, and shoulders of the rider involved in a collision. 

This piece of safety gear will be catered to rally-enthusiasts and there is no current confirmation if Alpinestars plans on bringing a cheaper and more economical option for riders seeking a step-down from Dakar certified race gear. The Tech-Air street is a cheaper option to the Tech-Air Race, so we’ll see if Alpinestars plans on bringing a cheap off-road version of the Off-Road System.

I know I’d use one for my dirt biking trips if they had a cheaper version. With pricing still unconfirmed, there’s no way to tell if the system will cost $1000 or $2000, but I’d happily pay $800 for a downgraded version of the vest.

  1. It looks fantastic, and it’s excellent news that Alpinestars is developing the Tech-Air range at pace. I have the Tech-Air Street and have been impressed with it.

    @Chase: As many Dakar riders wear a neck brace, do you have any idea why the Tech-Air Off-Road doesn’t appear to offer significant neck protection? Or do you think this Dakar-certified version is compatible with a neck brace?

    1. Hi Mark!

      Yes, I would say you’re correct that the air bag works in conjunction with the neck braces the racers wear.

      I find that a bit odd since the airbags we have for street riding should inflate enough to do the same job as the neck brace does, but perhaps not since they’re sticking with it.

      I know air bags have all but eliminated broken collarbones in MotoGP racing, but that is a different world of course.

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