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Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmet

A Bell Star Custom...Squared!

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Review Summary

Remember the custom-fitted Bell Star helmet review from last year?

That’s the special program at Bell Helmets where they use a laser coordinate measuring machine to create a 3D model of your head.

Then they build a carbon fiber Bell Star to fit!

The result is a helmet that fits my head like no other ever has.

Only problem?

You can get any color you like, as long as it’s dark matte carbon fiber.

Hey, carbon fiber is pretty cool, but…I wanted something more visible.

Just by chance, the folks at Cardo Systems USA introduced me to Aaron Smith of

The only thing I said to Aaron was “make it more visible” and here’s the fantastic result.

The Star is now a work of art — check out the photos, slide show and video below.

Big thanks to Aaron Smith for an unreal job! The Star is truly a “custom squared” helmet that will see a lot of use.

For more information, check out Aaron’s work at

Bell Star Custom Fit Helmet in Carbon Fiber
Bell Star Custom Fit Helmet in Carbon Fiber With Custom Paint Job

 wBW Video: Bell Star Makeover

Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmet Rear View
Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmet Side View
Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmet Top View

Publication Date: April 2016

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