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Could Triumph Be Working On an Electric Trident?

Triumph Trident
The original Triumph Trident

The Resurgence of an Icon as an Electric

The Triumph Trident was a high-performance model that helped define the company during the late ’60s and early ’70s. The bike is well-loved by those that remember it. Now it seems there could be a new Trident on its way. According to MoreBikes, there’s a rumor going around of Triumph working on a new Trident, and it’s powered by electricity. This could be awesome.

Granted, the rumor from MoreBikes is that there’s a patent for the design floating around out there. The publication stated it has yet to hunt down the patent. I also failed to locate this patent, so there’s the possibility that this is all bunk. However, it wouldn’t surprise me if it were true. More major names will get into making electric bikes in the future, and it would be smart to bring back familiar names with the modern tech. It would give people some familiarity with an otherwise alien concept.

High-Performance Electric Bikes?

If the rumors prove true, the Trident would likely be a high-performance variant to connect with the old bike. One that Triumph would likely sell for a high price. That’s unfortunate, but the good news is that it would likely be one of the fastest motorcycles around, which would be awesome.

MoreBikes actually suggests that the Trident name would be an electric spin-off brand rather than a specific model. That’s honestly not a bad idea. It would allow Triumph to make several different electric bikes under the Trident name. It could be smart to segment like that.

However, I wonder how that would shake out long term. It brings up a lot of questions. Would Triumph have any electric bikes or would they all fall under the Trident name? How many bikes will fit in there? Will Trident be a sub-brand of Triumph or stand alone?

As I said, it could be total crap, but it’s interesting to think about. There’s room for Triumph to have electric bikes in its lineup. If the company wants to call all its electric bikes Tridents that’s fine, but it could complicate things down the line. I’m interested to see how this develops.