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Could Royal Enfield Build a 250cc Motorcycle?

Image from Royal Enfield

Filling a Hole in the Market to Bolster Sales

Royal Enfield has been having good sales for the last several years, but suddenly the company saw a sales slump. That spurred people within the organization to think about expanding the lineup to other areas of the market. The company is looking at building a 250cc motorcycle, according to The Economic Times of India.

The publication reported that the rise in the price of Royal Enfield machines by about eight to 10 percent has slowed growth and sales for the company. A younger generation of riders is reportedly turning to other brands due to the higher prices of Royal Enfield machines.

The 250cc motorcycle the company is considering will help fill a hole and come at a lower price point than its current lineup. Right now the decision is still at the research phase. The Economic Times reports the Indian R&D center is doing a study to see if it’ a good move for Royal Enfield. 

If they decide that the move forward is worth it, then there could be a new 250cc motorcycle by the company out fairly soon.

We will continue to focus our efforts on bringing classic, evocative and fun-to-ride motorcycles for our customers. We have persistently worked on keeping our motorcycles accessible, from the perspective of availability, ride experience, as well as ownership experience,” a Royal Enfield spokesperson told The Economic Times.

It’ll be interesting to see of Royal Enfield builds the bike, and if they do build the bike, if it will come to the U.S. and other markets outside of India. I have a feeling the company will build it, but I doubt it will come Stateside.