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Could Kawasaki Really Be Planning A Ninja 700R?

Is A New Category Of Motorcycle Emerging?

Yamaha just pulled the sheets on the official naming for their upcoming “R7” – a two-cylinder sport-bike with up-right ergonomics and parts shared from the highly successful naked Mt-07… To make things short, just imagine it to be an MT-07 with fairings. Why did Yamaha do this? Well, first of all, the R6 was scrapped for now(probably due to emissions and Euro 5 updates that needed to happen), but more interestingly I think that Aprilia’s RS 660 played a big role in this change.

From what we know right now, there’s an extremely big step in regards to power output when comparing the outgoing R6 to the “incoming” R7 (or MT-07, in that case). Right now, the market is demanding a motorcycle that a beginner can jump on and ride for the duration of however long their motorcycle passion takes them. The R7 and RS 660 are supposed to fill this void, and it appears like Kawasaki might have a serious case of FOMO.

Kardesign Koncepts took it upon himself to create a digital render of what we could expect to see if Kawasaki brought the Ninja 700R dream to reality. This digitalized concept takes parts and components from the freshly updated Ninja ZX-10R (namely the front end and fairings), along with some frame and other minor components from the current Ninja 650.

Right now this new 700R Ninja is just rumored without much information to back the claims up, but sources are expecting the bike to produce a comfortable 95 horsepower which will put it up directly against the RS 660 and MT-07/R7 (in the event that Yamaha finally pulls the trigger on production for the R7).