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Could Kawasaki Put Out a KLX 700?

Kawasaki KLX 700
Image from Omnimoto

Kawasaki’s Return to the ADV Market?

Kawasaki discontinued the beloved KLR 650 a while back. That move essentially removed the brand from the ADV conversation. The motorcycle company makes some killer dual-sport motorcycles and it has wonderful off-road bikes. So, there is no question that Team Green could make an awesome ADV. Now there’s a rumor that the KLX 700 will be Kawasaki’s return to ADV bikes, according to OmniMoto.

The details of the bike are unclear. It’s interesting to see Kawasaki considering the KLX name instead of the KLR. The KLR is the better option in my mind. The rumor is that the bike will get a 649cc parallel-twin engine. That engine is currently used in Ninja and the Versys.

It will be cool to see if this becomes a real thing. I’d love to see a KLX 700 in the lineup. Putting together an ADV bike is something that Kawasaki needs to do. The company should be a contender in the segment, and it’s a shame that the KLR 650 is no more. It’s a bike that was old and in need of updates, but it was darn good. If Kawasaki could make a motorcycle that’s as tough as the KLR, Kawasaki should be able to pull in some buyers from competitors.

  1. I want 300-400cc with at least 35hp single – like drz400 but 6 speed and Kawasaki obviously so I can browse the woods and jump on the turnpike without riding 75mph at 9000rpm like klx250s I had – crap bike – underpowered and way too soft (especially for heavy boys like myself 230lbs )

  2. I think it’s awesome Kawasaki is making this KLX 700, I am building a KLR with a Versys engine , not finished quite yet but I will definitely buy a new KLX 700, please hurry!!!

  3. Kawi needs to bring out something that is simpler than the T700 which is winning people over in droves.

    The KLR has been dated for a very long time (I’ve owned 2 and put close to 100,000km on them), while they were a bit of swiss army knife, they really are a cheap mans bike.

    Having said that, if Kawi is going to play in the 700 cc space, they’ll be going up against the KTM 790 and the T700, which is going to be excellent though not cheap competition. So, if Kawi does what it’s done before, it’ll compete on price.

    Should be interesting to see what happens.

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