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Could Energica Succeed In Developing A Voice Control System?

Energica Voice Connection

Alexa, Park My Motorcycle

No, I don’t mean the voice control you may be thinking of… This new motorcycle voice control system that Energica is currently in the works of developing, unfortunately, does not turn your handlebars or pop a wheelie when you verbally command it to; but at the same time, it is still worth taking note of as it could make riding much easier.

The Italian EV motorcycle manufacturer has teamed up with two other big names from their home country – Alascom and Cellularline – to bring this voice-controlled dream to life. Although it won’t ride your bike for you with verbal commands (welcome to the future…?), it could still prove itself very handy when making on-the-fly adjustments to your motorcycle during your ride like turning off ABS or switching screens on the dash displays.

With EV motorcycles being more technical than ever before, it only makes sense to bring smart-phone tech into the industry. Motorcycles (both gas and electric) are already coming standard with smartphone integration, so why not make a perfect trio of smart connectivity through your phone, communications device, and motorcycle?

Honda already has started laying the groundwork for this trifecta of connectivity through their ‘Honda Smartphone Voice Control System’ through their RoadSync system, but it still has a long way to go much like Energica’s system will.

“Thanks to this innovative communication system, the driver will be able to find information about his vehicle easily and without distraction while driving: Alascom uses artificial intelligence to guide you To create voice assistants that improve the motorcyclist’s driving experience, with intuitive voice commands that aim to manage and control the essential functions of the motorcycle.” said Giampiero Testoni, Chief Technology Officer for Energica.

I can order SkipTheDishes through my Alexa without even touching a button, but I can’t pull up an auxiliary menu with my voice on a motorcycle? Let’s go, Energica.