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Energica Secures Million Dollar Order

2020 Energica eva ribelle

Taiwan Or Bust

Italian Electric motorcycle manufacturer, Energica, saw more model sales in January of 2020 than their entire sales year of 2019 combined thanks to the perfect concoction of timing and economic status. It appears that Energica has sent itself even further into financial success through a lucrative deal worth $1 million.

A large Taiwanese distributor has decided to spend €836,000 on a small fleet of Energica motorcycles in a blockbuster sales order for the Italian brand. With the pandemic taking its tole on the trailing end of a year-long lockdown (for some), general sales of many goods and services have plummeted.

Russ Rsai, CEO of Russ Tiger Enterprise said, “Besides, the weather and the environment in Taiwan are also suitable for electric bike riders. Our government supports the industry by applying a reduced commodity tax. Its electric bike range with unique Italian style, performance, and being the MotoE supplier are the factors that make us place our trust in Energica bike”.

Energica will greatly benefit from this deal and will have some more cash in their pocket to continue R&D for their new models. In the last 12 months, Energica has boosted its manufacturing and model delivery capacity by 68% thanks to its new dealer finance incentives.