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Continental Has Some New TKC 70 Rocks Adventure Tires

continental TKC 70 rocks

Expanding the TKC Line

Continental crafted some new TKC 70 Rocks adventure tire for 2020. This continued expansion of the TKC line of adventure motorcycle tires means you have more choice than ever. The important part about these tires is that they should last longer than the venerable TKC 80 tires and are more off-road focused than the TKC 70.

While the TKC 80 tires do the job well, and the TKC 70 tires offer improved longevity, if you want a more off-road focused, tire, you were kind of stuck with something that wasn’t going to last long. The TKC 70 Rocks are a special tire that slots between these two. The new TKC 70 Rocks tire should provide on-road performance similar to the TKC 70 but off-road performance similar to the TKC 80. 

The TKC 70 Rocks feature a tread pattern that’s almost a perfect blend of the TKC 70 and the TKC 80. Gone is the uninterrupted rubber strip of the TKC 70 tires, but the tread blocks aren’t as spaced out as the TKC 80’s are. This makes for a longer-life tire on the road.

The TKC 70 rocks come in rear tires only and should be paired with a TKC 80 or TKC 70 front tire. It’s unclear if Continental plans to make TKC 70 Rocks for the front tire. I would guess the company will, but it’s unclear at this time.

Here are the sizes you’ll be able to get the tires in.

  • 130/80-17
  • 140/80-17
  • 150/70-17
  • 170/60-17
  • 150/70-18

The new TKC 70 Rocks will be available at local dealers soon. If you want to learn more, check out Continental’s website.