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Can-Am confirms Australian Ryker prices

Can-Am Ryker

Can-Am Australia has confirmed that the new Ryker three-wheeler roadster will arrive early next year at substantially less than the current cheapest Spyder.

The Ryker comes in three versions: a LAMS 600cc version for $A14,899 (standard colour); a 900cc version at $A17,299 (standard colour); and a 900cc off-road Rally Edition at $A18,999 (ride away prices).

That compares with the current 1330cc Can-Am Spyders which start at $19,990 for the RS and range up to $39,590 for the RT-S.

BRP, Can-Am On-Road PR Brian Manning says the Ryker models will arrive in Australia by February 2019. 

The 600 model will be available as LAMS approved since it both meets engine size and power to weight requirements,” Brian confirms.

“The 900 and the 900 Rally edition will be also LAMS approved in the capital territory where there is an engine cc exception and the design is meeting the power-to-weight ratio. 

“Note that we are actively working to get the ‘engine cc’ exception spread out to other states. We’re making some headway, but we don’t know yet 100% if it will happen and when.”

Harley-Davidson is also believed to be lobbying for the changes to the LAMS rules.

In South Australia, the Can-Am Spyder F3 is exempt from the Learner-Approved Motorcycle Scheme for those wanting a Spyder licence endorsement only. It excludes riders from riding a motorcycle.

These riders must do the basic rider course and observation ride.Can-Am Ryker

Ryker is a bare-bones roadster, yet it features a low-noise, no-maintenance drive shaft rather than a belt.

It also has continuously variable transmission (CVT) which is the twist-and-go transmission used in most scooters.

To make it even easier for novices to ride, it has one foot brake on the right that is linked to front and back wheels.

It is powered by either a 35kW 600cc parallel twin or a 57kW 900cc triple.

Can-Am Ryker
600cc parallel twin and 900cc triple

That’s a long way from the 85kW 1330cc engine triple that powers the rest of the Spyder fleet, but it weighs only 272kg which is about a third lighter.

Brian says you can also buy a passenger seat at $442.72. It requires a rear bracket at $474.54 for a total of $917,26. The bracket is not only built for the seat but also for storage accessories.

Can-Am Ryker

Rally Edition

The Ryker Rally Edition is the first Can-Am roadster with off-road abilities.

It features longer travel suspension, knobby tyres and a Rally riding mode that allows rear-wheel slide.

All Ryker models come with Can-Am’s Vehicle Stability System which includes ABS and traction control.

Ryker ryders

Can-Am spokesman Josée Perreault says the roadster will appeal to a younger demographic than the average age of Spyder buyers at 62.

“That our average buyer’s age is on the high side doesn’t bother us at all,” he says.

“Actually, we’re embracing it. These are people who have both a comfortable amount of disposable income and time to enjoy life. They use their Spyders to travel, to be with their friends, to have fun, and they love ’em.

Masses of Spyders at the 10th anniversary ryker
Masses of Spyders at the 10th anniversary in 2017

“On the other hand, we know there’s a substantial mass of potential that would love to own a Spyder but can’t.

“Our dealers keep telling us how they snap up a used unit as soon as one becomes available. We also know there are people out there wondering if they’d really like the riding experience or not. They’re uncertain.Can-Am Ryker

“We know others just want a toy to occasionally play with. And we know there are young people who’d love to go ride, but can’t afford it.

“What’s common to all these groups is the desire for a price low enough to make it easy for them to make that decision and buy a 3-wheeler.”Can-Am Ryker

  1. the RS was never released in a 1330, which is a same ot was only ever available in a 990 clasificacion!

  2. I am Japanese.
    A few days ago, I was looking forward to Ryker to landing in Japan in the spring but now it has changed. The reason is that, considering the use in Japan, there are few darts, I think that 99% is a paved road. If so, the Ryker engine is too powerless. Although the load per horsepower and the load per torque hardly change compared with the spider, the acceleration performance is halved. Why is it that 0 to 100 km is spyder less than 5 seconds, Ryker is less than 9 seconds? It is an ordinary car level. I do not intend to ask for the maximum speed, but I can not expect acceleration through the corner. At least it’s too late as a motorcycle record. Also, the price is not reasonable. Japan release will be $ 14,000. Also, dealers in Japan will add extra charges of about 2,000 to 2,600 dollars. This is unusually high. This extra charge is higher than Harley’s Trike. I can only say that over 16,000 dollars is too expensive for slow rides due to the texture of that resin rolled out. It is disappointing.

    1. But I do not care, I will buy a fully-loaded Can-Am Ryker Rally Edition anyway because I am extremely biased. That is why I am going to Japan.

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