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Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

Common Causes Of Motorcycle Accidents

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Motorcycle accidents are among the most statistically common types of traffic collisions. The thrill of speeding down an open road with the wind in your hair may be addictive, but it can also be deadly. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast or if you are just considering joining their ranks, you should know what pitfalls to avoid when you are riding a bike.

Left Turn Collisions

In the US, left-turn collisions (right turns in countries where they drive on the left) are one of the most common types of accidents. It is easy to misjudge the distance of an oncoming car when you are making a left turn. Most left-turn accidents involving motorcycles occur when drivers who are turning left cannot see an oncoming bike.


It is not a good idea to ride faster than the general speed of traffic. The higher the speed, the greater the impact in a crash. Any abrupt stop in traffic can cause rear-end collisions which can result in serious injury or death.

Lane Splitting

Motorcycles offer a deceptive amount of freedom. A motorcycle can weave in and out of traffic and it can drive in between lanes which is known as lane splitting (riding between lanes at speed as opposed to lane filtering which is riding slowly through slow-moving or stationary traffic). This can be dangerous because drivers may not be able to see you. If a car changes lanes when you are straddling lanes, it can cause a serious accident.

Car Doors

Not all serious accidents happen on the highway, especially if you are on a motorcycle. It is difficult to see a motorcycle approaching you if you are in the driver’s seat of a car. Motorcycles are often hit by opening car doors.

If a car runs into an open door, it is likely to be the end of the door. If a bicycle runs into an open door, the bicyclist may well be injured. If a motorcycle traveling 30 or 40 miles an hour hits an open car door, the rider may be seriously injured.

Uneven Roads

Potholes, road construction, and dilapidated asphalt can cause a motorcycle driver to lose control of their bike.

Crashing on a motorcycle can cause head injuries, internal bleeding, and broken limbs. Injuries to the lower extremities are the most common.

You should always wear a helmet and protective clothing when you ride a bike. You should also take a motorcycle safety class.

California witnessed 550 motorcycle accidents in 2016, according to the latest Government Highway Safety Association study. Insurance companies are well aware of the dangers of motorcycles and they will charge you more for insurance if you are a biker. They may try to get out of paying you what you are really owed.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you will need a trained personal injury attorney to get you the money you deserve. Attorney Kenneth King has years of experience in negotiating with insurance companies. He will seek a fair settlement, so you can get on with your life.

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