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Cities differ on motorcycle footpath parking


Gold Coast City has rejected footpath parking for motorcycles and scooters after a trial that started late last year, while Adelaide is expanding its trial.

A Gold Coast report on the trial says it is not needed yet, but they have left the door open if motorcycle use grows.

This is despite Gold Coast motorcycle licenses rising since 2007 from 51,000 to 72,000 and registrations up from 13,700 to 22,800 and a Gold Coast Bulletin poll which found 76% in favour of footpath parking.

The practice has been legal in Victoria for some years and has been introduced in more recent years in parts of Sydney and Brisbane, although with varying restrictions, and Adelaide is expanding its CBD footpath parking trial.

Footpath parking - Adelaide
Adelaide parking trial

Footpath parking is also common in many European, American, Asian and New Zealand cities where it is seen as a progressive move to encourage more two-wheeled transport to free up traffic congestion and parking spaces in big cities.

Gold Coast councillors obviously don’t think the city is choked enough with traffic already and doesn’t need the traffic- and parking-busting benefits of motorcycles and scooters.

It’s a backward step for such a rapidly growing city that grinds to a halt most working days, especially during holiday periods.

Footpath parking - Gold Coast traffic
Gold Coast traffic

It’s also a city with a high number of tourists riding 50cc scooters on car licences who could be using the wide footpaths instead of taking up car-parking spaces.

However, Infrastructure Committee chair Dawn Crichlow says a council report has convinced her there is no demand for parking on the footpath.

“There have been just five complaints in the last two and a half years,” told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

“If we do need more, one car park can be made into four spaces,” she said.

Adelaide trial

Meanwhile, Adelaide is expanding its motorcycle and scooter footpath-parking trial and seeking feedback. Click here to submit your comments.

In February 2016, the trial started with two locations in Light Square and Victoria Square, three more three sites began operating in June 2016 and more locations may be considered if support is gained for the existing locations.

Adelaide City Council says that  if there is a “high level of support” for motorcycle and scooter parking on footpaths at these locations, they will be retained permanently.

Adelaide parking trial locations footpath
Adelaide parking trial locations
  1. Infrastructure Committee chair Dawn Crichlow says “If we do need more, one car park can be made into four spaces” ..
    That’s funny, Car owners are ticked off enough as it is with the shortage of car parking spaces with out council taking one to convert it into a four space motorcycle parking spot. Motorcyclist are already thought of in a negative way with lane filtering being legalized and the rise of motorcycle accidents from speeding or inexperienced riders. With the possibility of Advance Stop Lines (ASL) being introduced into Queensland I feel not far away It could be the straw that breaks the camels back, I’m going to be more worried about the odd irate car owner who couldn’t find a car park sees me Lane Filtering legally and loses it because their stressed out from shopping in town.

    1. Noosa council has been quite pro-active with motorcycle
      parking and i have yet to see any rage over it, lets face it most
      drivers can see the benefit of 4 bikes in 1 car sized space
      rather than 4 bikes in 4 car sized spaces, the main danger
      from ‘shopping stressed drivers’ is they mostly shouldn’t have licenses and unfortunately the danger increases ,The closer
      to shopping centers and the closer to christmas you get

  2. As far as I can tell, in attempting to provide feedback support for footpath parking in Adelaide, I don’t get a say as I am not a resident. Which makes the search for feedback totally useless. Shame on Adelaide City Council!

  3. The Commonwealth Games should have been the appropriate time to introduce this measure. Our drivers are being crushed for the Games transport & should have this efficient alternative method for reducing the impact upon all (cars, buses & bikes). When we can believe there are three imaginary friends for every one person car trip we can ignore the sensibility of this measure….& toddle off to our psychiatrist.

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