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Check Out Shark Helmets New EVO-GT Modular Helmet

Shark Evo GT Modular Helmet 1

Safety At A Modular Level

If you’ve seen Scorpion’s recently updated EXO-TECH helmet (or Shark’s previous EVO lids), then you should be familiar with the modular system that allows for the entire chin bar to be flipped to the back of the helmet, while keeping the visor in place. The new Shark EVO-GT is here, and – you might have guessed it – the chin bar flips to the back to the helmet.


Shark’s Evo helmet lineup has been around since 2007, and has continued its way up to today, where we have the new EVO-GT modular helmet.

Most modular helmets have the chin bar and visor flip up to the forehead area of the helmet, much like a helmet brim. This adds a ridiculous amount of weight to the front of the helmet and also creates a large area for your head to catch what is known as the ‘sail effect’; when the air will catch the helmet and push your head back.


Shark has tip-toed their way through this issue by having the modular section of the helmet (just the chin bar in this case) flip to the back of the helmet to keep the lid aerodynamic and comfortable. The chin bar features Shark’s V-Tech system so you can lock it down with one hand.

The helmet features a removable and machine-washable inner liner, class 1 anti-fog visor (pinlock included), drop-down sun visor, and a total of two outer shell sizes. Unfortunately when it comes to modular helmets, companies aren’t too interested in making 4+ shell sizes for that perfect fit, but the variety of sizing when it comes to the inside of the helmet should remedy that issue.

The Shark EVO-GT is perfect for riders who wear glasses and also comes ready for Shark’s “Sharktooth PRIME” communication system.

The EVO-GT will retail for around $520 USD (€429.99) on Shark’s official website, and the helmet comes in a total of 11 graphics.