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2021 Scorpion Exo-Tech Modular Helmet Gets Updates!

Holy Mother of Modularity

First and foremost; I think this is an odd helmet… But it also happens to be really cool… I don’t know what to think about it but regardless the ol’ Scorpion Exo-Tech is getting some updates for next year. Modular helmet options are quickly gaining popularity due to the multi-functionality and ‘anywhere-anytime’ nature of the design. Scorpion takes this idea a step further and innovated on the original modular design with this flip-up chin-bar idea.

When you wear a traditional modular helmet, when in the ‘open position’ the modular portion can catch a lot of wind and pull your head back quite a bit – I would know, it happens to me all the time. Scorpion remedies this conundrum with the Exo-Tech by having the modular portion actually flip all the way to the back end of the helmet so air can smoothly travel over the front surface of the helmet without drag or buffeting. Genius, really.

The visor and chin-bar move completely separately, so you don’t have to lose your visor in the event you want a little more breathing room. The helmet has a five-year warranty (banger), ECE 22.05 certification, polycarbonate shell, pin-lock-ready visor, vents (to give you some fresh air when the modular bit is in the closed position), and all of those features come in a very manageable 3.7 lb form factor available in two shell sizes. 

The helmet comes in a couple of different colour options (white, black, red and black, hi-viz) and will run you around $412 USD (€349).