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Cheap Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Winter Motorcycle Gloves

Cheap Winter Motorcycle
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Motorcycle Gloves Review Summary
Review Summary

These 3M Thinsulate lined gloves keep my hands about as warm as any other winter or cold weather motorcycle gloves we’ve tried.

The leather is a bit thin and there’s not much in the way of armor, but you can’t beat the price!

I love finding bargains!

35 bucks doesn’t buy much in the way of motorcycle gear these days — a pair of gloves can easily set you back $75 to $150.

I’m not saying that everything is equal and that you can get a pair of gloves for $35.00 that are equivalent to that $150.00 pair of Kushitani mitts.

But there’s a market for everything…and everyone has his or her own market.

What do you get for your 35 smackers?

The two reviewers who tried these model GL2068 winter gloves from AKA Motorcycle Accessories agree that they are as warm as any other winter glove we’ve tried.

They’re comfortable and they’re lined with 3M Thinsulate to about the same thickness as my pair of Belstaff Pro Toura winter gloves, and the Belstaff gloves probably cost at least twice as much.

Sure, the leather on the GL2068 is a bit thin, and there’s only one extra piece of hide on the palm, but they work and they fit me just as well as anything else. They’re probably only good for one get-off, but can easily be replaced at this price.

I usually take a size large in a men’s glove, but I think I could have gotten away with a medium in the GL2068 gloves.

I like a little extra room in the fingertips, because I hate it when the internal stitching gets caught under my fingernails, but these have just a bit too much room for me.

It’s not enough to be bothersome, but just to let you know that I think they run to true sizes, so a large really does mean a large.

The gauntlet is a good length, but the shape of it seems to make it a bit hard to pull the gloves far enough up over the cuffs of a winter riding jacket, especially with a sweater on underneath.

This prevents my hand from scrunching all the way up into the glove, and it leaves some room at the fingertips.

It would also be nice to have a third cinch strap across the top of the wrist, because there’s nothing that can prevent the glove from being pulled off the hand by the fingertips.

Even with the straps pulled tight, the gloves can be removed without much effort, so there’s a chance that they might not stay on in a crash.

There are two strap closures over the top of each gauntlet to secure the gloves. The straps are held by “hook and loop” fastener. The fingers are internally stitched with single-row stitching, and there’s some double-row stitching around the trim and gauntlet area.

I’ve used the GL2068 gloves in weather down to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit with no problems. My hands were unprotected and right out there in the breeze and not behind a fairing.

I didn’t notice any more air intrusion or that they were any colder than any other winter gloves, so I’m pleased with their performance.

The right hand glove has a hook, and the left hand glove has a loop that allows you to connect the two together when you stow them so that they keep each other company to help prevent losing them.

The gloves can easily be made water resistant by using some silicone spray made for this purpose, or by giving them a couple of coats of leather waterproofing.

The AKA Motorcycle Accessories model GL2068 winter motorcycle gloves are good-looking, perform well and are a real bargain.

Check out “Big Al” (Alice!) at AKA; they carry many other types of leather motorcycle clothing, including jackets, gloves, saddlebags, vests and more in men’s, women’s and even children’s styles and sizes.

wBW Review: Winter Cold Weather Motorcycle Gloves
List Price (2004?): $35.00
Made In: Pakistan
Colors: Black
Sizes: S-2XL
Review Date: 2004 (?)