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What! Cap motorcycle speed to 50km/h?

Capped speeds

Cap motorcycle speeds at 50km/h is one of the more ludicrous suggestions put forward at the first of a series of community road safety forums in regional Victoria this week.

The suggestion from an unknown attendee was actually written up on a blackboard among other strategies, such as more driver/rider education and fewer varied speed limits.

Victorian Motorcycle Riders Association member John Nelson, who attended the forum in Ballarat says that despite the speed cap suggestion being noted, it was not treated seriously.

Speed cap

“I believe it was a member of the public who suggested the 50km/h cap,” he says. 

“There were a few old people on mobility scooters having a whinge.  It was probably one of them.

“Certainly no-one in government circles.

“I told Roads Minister Jaala Pulford about it and she laughed at that suggestion.  

“But some people have a poor idea of thinking on road safety issues and solutions.  When I saw it I said we will be slaughtered. 

“50kmh is idle in top gear on my bike.  Perhaps we should make a mockery of that suggestion, just to be sure.  

“Even a more totalitarian government would not adopt that.  I think I killed it right there on the night.” 

Road safety suggestions

However, the ridiculous speedcap suggestion gives an indication of the knee-jerk “solutions” surfacing in the wake of a spike in road deaths:

“As usual, driving infringements and enforcing the laws are always on the agenda,” John says.

The Ballarat community road safety forum is one of several to be held in regional Victoria where road deaths have spiked at 72 compared with 41 in metropolitan Melbourne.

John says there were a few other “surprise” road safety suggestions.

“The Western Police regional command were strong on returning riders being retrained,” he says.

“The same copper also conceded that the Towards Zero campaign has failed.  The TAC will replace it with another campaign later next year.

“Clearly it will never work.”  

  1. isnt having a safe road surface to ride on road safety? If the road safety authorities are serious about motorcycle accident statistics? instead of TAC wasteing our motorcycle road safety levy on flash stands at bike shows, fancy bill boards with snazzy slogans and expensive advertising why dont they just fix the roads surface and replace the wire rope barriers with armco?

  2. I was there on Wednesday night and saw this and almost burst into laughter and a couple of friends I ride with , one said there maybe a 1 missed off the front of that? Not sure who suggested that as I was at another topic first and then walked to the next topic and was greeted by reading this.
    The night started off with introducing TAC staff and member of Victorian government for roads. And the local police.
    We were then broken up into groups to discuss 4 topics. This is where ideas were written down and people walked around suggesting ideas. Will see if they send the results out !!
    Then regrouped and a quick listing of the main points from each topic. Another quick couple of questions which were answered using a mobile.
    Disappointed there was Q and A session although it might have been a shit fight . No representatives from Vic Roads which I could see.

  3. All deaths are a huge loss 🙁

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but Victoria appears over the years had this anal obsession with curtailing & punishing motorbike rides, when they should be encouraging with quality training on motorcycles/scooters with their congestion & pollution busting ergonomics?
    With 50 kph limits, we’d be back to someone walking in front waving a red flag & ringing a bell in no time. Amish buggies next 😮

    How many of the deaths were;
    Unlicensed riders
    Motorbike/scooters not in roadworthy condition

  4. They actually had a law back in the 70’s that restricted motorcycles with pillions to
    80kph…It was eventually repealed after a few demonstrations and much noise by motorcyclists.
    NEVER suppose that anything is so blatantly stupid that some government wont actually put it into law

  5. Nah ! They want to Drop the Speed Limits to Raise EXTRA REVENUE for the SLUSH FUNDS and Christmas Parties and the CEO’s Pay Increases for Doing SUCH A GOOD JOB of Getting Rid of those Pesky Bloody Bikies off OUR Roads …

  6. Some of the paints used for road markings are quite slippery especially in the wet. Just another motorcycle hazard.

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