Can-Am to Hold Multi-City Ride Events for Ryker

Can-Am Ryker Ride Show
Image from Can-Am

Want to Test Out Life on Three Wheels?

I’m not a particularly huge fan of the whole reverse trike thing, but I do think they have a place in the wonderful world of motorcycles. When it comes to reverse trikes, Can-Am is at the top, and now it wants to get more folks on the Ryker so it’s hosting some events in multiple states. 

The Can-Am Ryker Ride Show will be at 12 different cities across the country. The first event will occur on March 14-16 and then go on from there. The point of each event will be to show more people just how fun the new Ryker really is. Can-Am obviously knows that some people have reservations about trikes, and it wants to dispell any falsehoods.

According to Can-Am, the events won’t just be a showcase of the product. Each event will have a DJ, lounge and food truck area, mobile phone charging stations, and a live street artist. One rider at the events will also win one of the bikes, which is a pretty cool possibility. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the cities and when the events will happen:

  • Miami: 3/14 – 3/16
  • Orlando: 3/28 – 3/30
  • Atlanta: 4/4 – 4/6
  • Charlotte: 4/10 – 4/12
  • Dallas: 4/18 – 4/20
  • Austin: 5/2 – 5/4
  • Phoenix: 5/19 – 5/11
  • Los Angeles: 5/16 – 5/18
  • San Jose: 5/30 – 6/1
  • Salt Lake City: 6/6 – 6/8
  • Denver: 6/14 – 6/15
  • Toronto: 6/20 – 6/22
  • Washington, DC: 6/28 – 6/30

If you’re interested in riding the all-new Ryker, then check out Can-Am’s website and RSVP for one of the events. If you want to attend the event, you’ll need to be 21 years old or older and have a valid driver’s license. 


  1. Radar Reynard
    April 2, 2019

    I’m signed up for the show in Atlanta, Ga. but cannot find any info on it.

    June 18, 2019

    Well this sucks I’d have to drive 1500 miles just to go see. I guess Can-Am forgot about their friends in upper East United States.

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