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Call for safety amid rising rider toll

Riding through the Victorian High Country online survey
Riding through the Victorian High Country

Riders have been urged to wear all their gear and take a riding course in the wake of a “horror start to the year”, particularly in Victoria where the motorcyclist toll is 19.

But the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries is also calling on all road users to “work together to help ensure the safety of motorcyclists”.

“Tragically, 19 motorcyclists have died on Victorian roads alone this year. This is unprecedented on Victoria’s roads and must be addressed,” FCAI Chief Executive Tony Weber says.

“It is recognised that motorcyclists are a vulnerable road user group, but this does not need to translate into such a tragic outcome.

“As we begin the third month of the year, the FCAI is calling for all road users to be responsible on the road.

“For motorcyclists, this means wearing protective clothing and helmets when you are riding your motorcycle. It also means refreshing your training and riding skills if you’re a return rider.

“Protective clothing and helmets serve an important role in protecting a rider if they are in an accident.”

Riding in the Macedon Ranges
Riding in the Macedon Ranges

While the Victorian figures look bad, it should be noted that at least five of the fatals were unlicensed riders and two were on stolen bikes.

Therefore, it makes more sense for police to spend their time checking number plates and licences rather than setting up speed traps.


Meanwhile, the FCAI  is not putting all the onus on riders to act responsibility.

“For all road users, being responsible means being aware of your surroundings. This includes checking your blind spots for motorcycles when you are driving light or heavy vehicles,” Tony says.

He points out that motorcycles are a key mode of transportation across Australia, helping to ease traffic congestion and providing many Australians with a cost-effective mode of transport.

Melbourne roads
Congested Melbourne roads

“All road users need to take responsibility and look after the safety of themselves and others on the road,” he says. 

“Motorcyclists, in particular, should understand that as a vulnerable road user they must be extra vigilant—plan your path through traffic and keep yourself well protected.

“We’re asking all road users to watch out for each other and, in particular, watch out for motorcycles. Together, we can make our roads safer.”

  1. You have mentioned some breakdown of stats re unlicensed riders.. What are the other stats? eg: time of day, day of week, age and experience of the rider. Speed limit of the road/surface conditions. Dry/wet road surface, day or night.

    Whilst it is tragic there needs more than to be done re all of the above. How long was the rider on the bike. Had they just finished work. Had they had any alcohol/drugs in their system? Were there any other vehicles involved. Mechanical failure. So much to investigate.

    Do the police collect these stats during their investigation and how are they collated?

  2. Types of Single vehicle motorcycle accidents
    The Drop bear,
    something literally falls from the sky to get you. I had a very large bird kamikaze into my chest once if it got my face I probably would’ve come off.
    The yowie,
    something hides and leaps out to get you. Dogs and roos and anything with legs or without . I saw a guy lose it when a large snake got under his wheels on a bend and the snake slithered off.
    The Crocodile,
    Something sits hidden immediately in your path waiting to get you. It can be a patch of wet leaves in a bend a few loose rocks
    a fallen branch or like I experienced once a dead roo hidden under a layer of fog , Very painful and smelly but I didn’t come off nor was the bike damaged.
    The Volvo
    You can probably guess this one, an oblivious cager forces you to crash and drives off probably unaware as to what’s happened. Helmet cams should be legal for this alone.
    All other single vehicle accidents are caused by mechanical failure or rider error or bad road ( design, maintenance or furniture placement)

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