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California’s Electric Motorcycle Rebates

The Discount Breakdown and What To Expect

A view of electric motorcycle available in California with rebates

With the ramping up of the warmer season, the Californian government has decided to offer motorcycle riders rebates in return for choosing green machines – but how much are we talking when it comes to reimbursement on electric motorcycles?

A view of electric motorcycle available in California with rebates

A report from Fresnobee has detailed the most recent updates available – and given recently revealed units in the electric market (and the price of my liver against the local gas prices), I’d be tempted to take the proverbial plunge if I were in the area. 

Here’s what you’re getting in rebates if you buy an electric motorcycle in California: 

  • A 10% federal tax credit up to $2,500
  • A clean fuel reward up to $1,500
  • A clean vehicle rebate up to $750
  • A rebate of up to $1,000 for those living in the San Joaquin Valley

All told, riders in the Golden State can expect up to $5,750 in reimbursements for buying a sparky beastie, with even officer A.J. Ferguson and the state’s Clovis Police Department undergoing a recent switch to Zero Motorcycles (from BMW bikes).

In case you were wondering what the grass looks like on the other side, here’s a peek into the life of an EV owner.

A view of electric motorcycle available in California with rebates

Zero motorcycles are nifty vehicles for patrolling near bike lanes and other off-road destinations because of their light weight,” comments Ferguson in the report. 

“On hot days, it’s a definite advantage to not experience the heat put out by the BMWs. The downside is the limited range. Ferguson said it amounts to about 80 miles before a recharge is needed.”

“If the Zero is used for traffic enforcement, rapid acceleration puts an extra drain on the battery. If the motorcycle is charged at a 110 home wall plug, a recharge will take several hours.”

A view of electric motorcycle available in California with rebates

A heads up – if you live in California, you’re also apparently looking at a lack of proper service for two-wheeled EV machines, with your best bet being an automotive electrical shop. We hear Electric Laboratories is the current recommended name, so let us know what you find on that front.

A view of electric motorcycle available in California with rebates

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*Media sourced from EMN, HiConsumption, RRW, Rideapart, Esquilo and MCN*
  1. Check with the IRS before you assume there is a US federal income tax credit for 2022. Zero’s web site currently says the 10% federal income tax credit has expired. Here is what the 2021 Form 8936 instructions read:

    “What’s New
    Credit for two-wheeled vehicles. The credit for qualified two-wheeled plug-in electric vehicles expired for vehicles acquired after 2021. However, if you acquired the two-wheeled vehicle in 2021, but placed it in service during 2022, you may still be able to claim the credit for 2022. Do not report two-wheeled vehicles acquired after 2021 on Form 8936 unless the credit is extended.
    At the time these instructions went to print, Congress had not enacted legislation on expired provisions. “

  2. The Harley/Livewire site also state that the $2500 Federal Tax Credit has also expired and the $1500 state credit also dropped down to $750.

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