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Cake Releases Street-Legal Edition of The Kalk INK

Cake Kalk SL

The Kalk INK SL

Recently, Cake released a new version of its bike that was a little less expensive and still featured good performance. It was called the Kalk INK and it was for off-road riding only. Now the company is offering a street-legal version of that bike called the Kalk INK SL

This is the perfect electric dual-sport motorcycle if you want something that can zip around town and tear up a trail from time to time. The Kalk INK SL uses the same frame and swingarm and powertrain but it features a non-linkage rear suspension, lightweight motocross front suspension, injection-molded polycarbonate ABS fenders and bodywork, and 19-inch wheels. 

Added to that are some turn signals, front headlight, rear brake light, LED display, footbrake, and a license plate holder. The bikes are street legal in the UK and U.S. To make the Kalk SL a little more street-friendly, Cake adjusted the gearing on the bike to add a little more top speed. The bike can reach 56 mph.

It’s good for up to three hours of riding on a single charge or about 53 miles of mixed speed riding. If you blast it full-speed the whole time, you’re looking at about 22 miles of range. To get from 0 percent battery to 100 percent, full-charge, it’ll be 2.5 hours on a standard outlet. The price? It’s in line with Cake’s other offerings, though less expensive than the other street-legal offerings at $10,500.