Brough Superior Shows Off Neo-Classic Bike Inspired by “Lawrence of Arabia”

A view of the Lawrence Nefud - a new neo-classical scrambler from Brough Superior

In case y’all didn’t know, Brough Superior is, according to their website, “the first brand to have built motorcycles that could go faster than 100 mph.” They’re a staple part of two-wheeler history – and now, the rebirth of the brand is being touted via a new model they are calling ‘The Lawrence Nefud’.

Lawrence, of course, is short for Captain T.E. Lawrence, or ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ – an iconic devotee of Brough Superior, with the ‘Nefud’ meaning the desert currently in the northern part of the Arabian desert, “much loved by Lawrence and…near the site of the Battle of Aqaba, his greatest victory during the Arab revolt of 1917.”


Since the official re-purchase of the brand in 2008 (and subsequent production of bikes in 2016), the British motorcycle company has been doing well for themselves, especially considering that they cater to top-quality machines available at premiums north of $50,000 USD – and now, they’ve created a neo-classical scrambler based on the original Lawrence SS100 V-twin roadster. 

A view of the Lawrence Nefud - a new neo-classical scrambler from Brough Superior

MCN also tells us that the ‘luxury redesign’ of the Lawrence keeps the 997cc, 102bhp liquid-cooled V-twin engine of the SS100 as well as its lightweight titanium frame and unique ‘Hossack/Fior-style’ front suspension – though this unit uses slightly smaller, 17-inch wheels.

A view of the Lawrence Nefud - a new neo-classical scrambler from Brough Superior

Riding on that are the brand’s signature brakes and “the most luxurious dual seat motorcycle in the world,” on which the rider now has a more upright riding position as well as “higher, trail-style bars and lower pegs, new wheels with semi-knobbly Michelin Anakee tyres, twin side-mounted, high-rise exhausts, blacked-out chassis components, bash plate, fly screen, and a protective headlight grille.”

The paint job has been kept reminiscent of the Nefud as well, with Brough giving this Lawrence Scrambler a ‘rust-red’ paint option to keep the bike in theme with Arabia’s dry topography. 

A view of the Lawrence Nefud - a new neo-classical scrambler from Brough Superior

Keep in mind – despite this bike flaunting elements of off-roading, it’s not recommended to take a machine worth over €66,000 ($70,500 USD) for a ‘scramble’ around in the desert…unless it’s your fancy and you have cheddar to spare.

With MCN saying that they’re only making 188 models, this will likely be a bike for the top shelf – and it will make your shelf look damn good, too. 

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*All media sourced from Brough Superior’s official website and MCN*


  1. Ric Caley
    January 11, 2022

    Sweet looking – but obviously unrideable in it’s current configuration. That cool looking, narrow, low seat, right down on the rear cylinder head will be fun in traffic… and the exhausts on the right side? Way too close to the family jewels! As a former multi-Ducati owner, I can tell you at a glance this is strictly a garage queen/eye candy and bragging rights bike, NOT for a real motorcyclist that actually rides their bikes…

    • January 11, 2022

      Hello Ric,

      Thanks for dropping by! 100% in agreement…definitely going to be one for the cleaner part of the garage.


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