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The British Motorcycle Club of Pakistan

British Motorcycle Club of Pakistan  ride the Himalayas

The British Motorcycle Club of Pakistan sent in these photos of their club, their bikes, their members, and their fascinating country. For more info, contact Nadeem at Can you imagine what it must be like to ride classic Brit Iron through the Himalayas?

ABOVE: Club member Nadeem on his plunger-framed BSA single.

Doesn’t matter where you are, you still have to work on your Brit bikes.

A couple of gorgeous very early pre-unit Triumph twins.

Sweet pre-unit ‘Bathtub Triumph’. A Speed Twin, perhaps?

A gaggle to Triumphs.

Night riding with the boys from Pakistan.

You’ve gotta respect these guys. Riding ancient British motorcycles on long trips is challenging enough, even in California (where I’m from).  But these guys are in Pakistan, where do you get parts for your pre-unit Triumph?  Who knows how to work on them?  Not to mention that they’re riding these bikes through “The Roof of the World”, the Himalayas, the highest mountain range on Earth.  But thin air, steep grades, narrow roads, sheer cliffs, and primitive conditions don’t seem to these guys down, or their classic British motorcycles.  Bully!