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Is BMW planning supercharged M bikes?

BMW Motorrad has applied for trademarks for the model names M 1000 RR, M 1000 XR and M 1300 GS which hints at performance versions, possibly with superchargers.

Their car division has been using the M model code for performance models for years.

They have more power, better suspension and brakes, plus styling differences, usually including their motorsport division logos and colours.

In 2018, there was an M package available for the S 1000 RR with special paint, carbonfibre wheels, a lighter battery, a sport seat, and rear ride height adjustability.

So the M 1000 RR and XR could simply be accessorised versions of their S 1000 RR and S 1000 XR.

However, the unusual name here is the M 1300 GS.

Is it a bigger-capacity performance version of their boxer-powered R 1250 GS which has only recently increased engine capacity from the R 1200 GS?

Or will it be a GS version of their K 1300 four-cylinder models that they retired a few years ago?

Will M mean superchargers?

While these trademark applications hint at performance updates with some cosmetic changes, BMW could also be considering supercharged versions.

Last month, BMW Motorrad filed a patent for a supercharger with a drawing of an S 1000 RR.

Supercharged BMW S 1000 RR patent drawing
Supercharged BMW S 1000 RR patent drawing

Perhaps that will be called the M 1000 RR!

After all, most of their M cars are turbocharged.

Supercharging and turbocharging could be the future as motorcycle manufacturers such as Kawasaki and Suzuki have also applied for patents.

Forced induction makes sense as it allows the manufacturers to get the same power from smaller-capacity engines and still meet tougher emissions regulations.