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BMW Motorrad Scottoiler Kit

BMW Motorrad Scottoiler Kit For BMW F800R, F650GS and F800GS

Review Summary

This Quick Look is actually a revisit of sorts with a proven and valued accessory — the originalScottoiler vSystem (review), including the Scottoiler VSystem “California Spec” (review) version.

The BMW Motorrad Chain Lubrication System is an authorized version, specifically designed for the newer BMW motorcycles and available through BMW Motorrad dealers worldwide.

The simple white box contains the same components that Rick and I, along with many thousands of other owners, have come to view as one of, if not the most trusted motorcycle chain maintenance systems in the world — and for good reason.

In acquiring BMW Motorrad Part Number 77 10 8 527 720, the recommended process is to buy the kit and let the dealer install it — steps that in the long run can mitigate installation and warranty concerns.

Time and labour costs may or may-not be extra.

And for the BMW F 800 GS, F 650/700 GS and F 800 R motorcycles, it is truly one of the best investments an owner can make.

Lacking the overall sophistication of the sensor-based Scottoiler eSystem (review), the tried-and-true vacuum-operated Scottoiler vSystem provides an ultra-reliable flow of friction-reducing, life-extending cleaning and lubricating oil to the primary drive component.

And both the chain and rider benefit in so many ways…

Whether travelling near or far it is hard to imagine leaving home without a chain lubrication system of some type and for this long-time F 800 GS and now F 800 GS Adventure owner, the Scottoiler systems are the preferred solution. .

BMW Scottoiler Kit Contents in Box
Plain box holds the BMW Motorrad Scottoiler kit.
BMW Scottoiler Kit Contents
Included parts are similar to the Scottoiler vSystem.
Scottoiler Tubing
Vacuum line and chain drip tubing, including dispenser tip

Editor’s Note

Scottoiler and BMW Motorrad have partnered to offer a special Scottoiler chain lube kit for BMW motorcycles.

It’s important to note that the BMW Scottoiler kit is only available through official BMW dealers.

In most countries, the BMW Scottoiler kits are installed only by the BMW dealer.

Scottoiler was kind enough to send us one of the first production units for installation on a new BMW F 800 GS Adventure so we could evaluate the kit and the installation on this brand-new bike.

The BMW Motorrad Chain Lubrication System for the BMW F800 GS, F650/700 GS and F800 R are listed under BMW Part No. 77 10 8 527 720.

The Scottoil Super (Oil) is BMW Part No. 83 12 0 422 248. Scottoil Standard (Oil) is BMW Part No. 83 12 0 422 246. There’s also a Scottoiler Spares Kit, which is BMW Part No. 77 10 8 527 723.

Scottoiler Gear Dyno Test
Benefits of an oiled vs. dry motorcycle drive chain (Graphic Courtesy Scottoiler).
Scottoiler Ramp Dyno Test
Dyno test demonstrating the benefits of oiled vs. dry drive chain (Graphic Courtesy Scottoiler).


Some interesting information from Scottoiler: “We estimate that approximately 1 in 10 bikes in the UK has a Scottoiler fitted and the numbers in other countries all over the world are growing.

Scottoiler Dyno Test Graphs and Data
Scottoiler Test Data

We have sold somewhere in the region of over 350,000 systems since we started.

This means that if each oiler only travels 20,000 miles in its lifetime, means that Scottoilers have travelled over 7,000,000,000 miles; more than 280,000 times around the world, or about 75 times from the earth to the sun!

At this stage we can only guess at how much money we have saved people since we started.

But with the savings on chain and sprocket replacements and the fuel efficiency, it’ll be in the millions. We’re currently on the first version of the eSystem and the 8th version of the vSystem.”

Dispenser Mounting Plate and Feed Tube
BMW F 800 GS Adventure dispenser mounting plate and feed tube.
BMW Scottoiler Vacuum Take-off
The vacuum take-off for the BMW Motorrad Scottoiler replaces the vacuum plug (next photo).
BMW F800GS Vacuum Bung
Close-up of the plug over the vacuum take-off on the BMW F 800 GS (L). Plug on the right.


True to form as a standard BMW Motorrad accessory, the BMW Scottoiler vSystem comes packaged in a plain white box with the usual BMW Motorrad information and markings.

This is a marked departure from the more colourful Scottoiler retail product packaging.

Opening the box reveals all the expected and needed pieces for an easy installation.

Missing, however (since this is not designed for owner installation) is the well-detailed double-side coloured handout that has been evolved and refined over the years.

A small handout provides basic user information only, although the universality of the kit is well displayed in that 19 of these handouts, each in a different language, were in the box.

For a BMW Motorrad dealer installation, detailed instructions are available for downloading via the ASAP (web portal) or the Repair and Service DVD distributions.

Thankfully, the colourful and well detailed Scottoiler vSystem instructions sheets can still be foundhere.

Basically everything contained in the standard Scottoiler vSystem kit (review) is found inside the BMW Motorrad Scottoiler box as well, less the instruction sheet, but including a 250 ml bottle of the standard (Blue) chain lube oil.

Both the slide-in cage and round pressure fit mounts were provided, although the cage mount has proven to be more versatile for most installations.

BMW Scottoiler Left Side Installation Close-up
BMW Motorrad Scottoiler system mounted on the (recommended) left side of the BMW F800GS Adventure. Note that there should be no oil in the breather tube and the white cap on the end of the breather hose must be removed.
BMW Scottoiler Right Side Mounting
Mounting on the right side requires some accommodation for the rear brake reservoir.

Installation and Use on the 2014 BMW F 800 GS Adventure

Described in previous reviews, installing the Scottoiler vSystem is straightforward and in the case of the BMW F 800 GS Adventure, even more simplified.

The 2013 F-models and my 2014 BMW F 800 GS Adventure have a revised vacuum tube layout located behind the intake assemblies.

The larger and better located vacuum T-joint is far easier to access on the 2014 Adventure than on my 2009 F 800 GS and it only took a minute using a long pair of needle-nosed pliers to wiggle the thick rubber bung plug off the vertical leg of the T-joint.

Another two minutes to slightly warm and then gently push the hard black plastic vacuum tubing a few millimeters into the feed end of the vacuum damper elbow (connector).

Two minutes more had this assembly pushed onto the “T” fitting, oriented with it angled 90 degrees left or right (depending on left or right side mounting).

As a BMW Motorrad accessory, detailed instructions are provided to BMW technicians for installing the vSystem, with the prescribed placement on the left side of the motorcycle, so that is where I installed it first.

Left Side Installation (Recommended): While a right frame mounting seems more “natural” (because the chain is on that side), starting with the 2013 F-models, BMW relocated the reservoir to a more forward position, just above the rectifier.

So this previously available real estate is now partially occupied by the reservoir, and given other components that vary from country to country, mounting it on the left side makes sense.

Only the clutch cable mounting assembly sitting on the inside of the frame needs to be considered, but in reality it does not interfere at all.

The only extended effort needed is in running the clear plastic feed line tube from the bottom pressure fit connector across the swingarm pivot over to the drive side on the right.

Less one or two extra zip ties, everything needed to mount the components from the Scottoiler Reservoir Metering Valve (RMV) housing back to the Dispenser Assembly (nib) is included, with option pieces for various dispenser orientations as well.

With everything connected and the RMV cage (holder) secured to the frame tube with three or four zip ties, the assembly has a relatively low profile, extending about 5mm beyond the frame tube and remaining unobtrusive while the motorcycle is in use.

Right Side Installation: While not the perfect solution, mounting the BMW Scottoiler on the right side is actually easier, although the rear brake reservoir must be factored into placement of the Scottoiler Reservoir Metering Valve in its holder.

But in leaving a bit of flex in mounting the holder to the frame, the Scottoiler assembly can be pivoted outwards easily when access to the brake reservoir is needed.

A simple reorientation of the vacuum lead to the right vice the left, and adding a shorter and more direct path for the feed tube pretty much finishes off a right side mounting.

Admittedly with some slight rotation outwards, the reservoir in the holder sits out just slightly more than when mounted on the left side, but it doesn’t present a problem sitting or standing on the pegs.

As always, I was thankful for the forethought that Scottoiler puts into the development and production of the kit components; there is more than enough vacuum and oil feed tubing to allow both a left or right installation.

BMW Scottoiler Profile, Mounting on Left Side
Looking down, profile of the Scottoiler system on the left side of the BMW F 800 GS Adventure.
BMW Scottoiler Profile, Mounting on Right Side
Right side profile of the Scottoiler system on the BMW F 800 GS Adventure.


Preparing the Scottoiler system for use is a familiar and simple process:

  1. First, fill the reservoir with Blue or Red oil.
  2. Seat the RMV (breather) assembly and attach the end of the breather tube to the bottle. Attach the filler spout on the bottle directly into the hole on the RMV which is situated underneath the rubber filler plug
  3. Squeeze the bottle to pressurize the system, forcing the oil down to the drip point.
  4. Start the motorcycle and over the span of a few minutes, adjust the rotary feed control to provide the desired drip rate of one drop per minute (I start at the mid-point).
  5. Don’t forget that temperature and riding conditions may require adjustments to the (stated) optimal flow rate to provide the best results.
wBW Video: Scottoiler vSystem Chain Oiler
(Note: This video is embedded here for reference.)


Several Scottoiler systems have been utilized on my home fleet of motorcycles over the years.

And while I have a preference for the sensor-based Scottoiler eSystem (review), the original vacuum-based vSystem cannot be ignored, and for all the right reasons: simplicity, ease of use and reliability under any and all conditions.

The new BMW Motorrad Scottoiler vSystem became the second (essential) accessory added to my new but now dirty 2014 F 800 GS Adventure, only after the MOD Skid plate (review pending) that was the top priority.

At some point, I may swap the vSystem out for another sensor-based eSystem.

But regardless of which variant is used, I will be adding either a Scottoiler LubeTube (200 ml) reservoir capacity extender or the Scottoiler High-Capacity Reservoir (HCR) at 350 ml, both of which provide additional chain lubrication oil storage.

Between the vSystem with its 50 ml capacity and the eSystem (60 ml capacity) I installed on my 2009 BMW F 800 GS and now the 2014 BMW F 800 GS Adventure, my distance, averaged between the two systems between refills, has been 2,500 kilometers or 1,600 miles; chain adjustments are few and far between.

A key point or observation, if you will, that needs to be made is the fact that the Scottoiler vSystem is now a recognized and recommended BMW Motorrad accessory.

This fact alones says much about the value of Scottoiler products to the motorcycle industry.

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wBW Review: BMW Scottoiler vSystem Chain Oiler
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  1. Hi! I have a BMW F700GS from year 2017 and recently bought the Scottoiler system at Bohling (Germany). Unfortunately I cannot find the vacuum plug. According to the manual it should be found under the seat but either I don’t see it or it works different on the 700GS than on the 800GS.
    Is there anyone who could help me please?
    Many thanks in advance!
    Cheers, Peter

  2. Peter, I’ve used and evaluated the Scottoiler systems for years; you definitely have the right product. Re the vacuum plug or bung plug access – it used to be at the bottom of the airbox or along the injection intake (taking the small right and/or left side panels off works best for access). It was always a bit of a task to access the bung plug and get the Scottoiler adapter mounted, but doable, especially with mid-length slightly curved needle-nosed pliers. Now, I know some changes were made for Euro4 and the EU spec models, vice our NA versions, so it is possible that different (perhaps easier) access is now facilitated. I have not been able to get to the specific knowledge base articles for some time, so cannot provide a direct link here. If the kit you have is the OE BMW accessory kit then instructions are not typically provided – the work is supposed to be done by a BMW tech. But, the dealer may be willing to provide the needed information… But if you can access the installation guides from Scottoiler, that should provide the information needed…


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