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BMW Motorcycles Model – Specific Information

BMW Motorcycle Certificate of Origin:  See the BMW Motorcycle History page for more info on ordering “birth certificates” for your Beemer; also parts information for every BMW

BMW R Bikes – Airheads:  Join the Airheads!  A great group of BMW Airhead owners with a fantastic email list and owners willing to share  |  A really nice collection of late ’70’s BMW motorcycle brochures in color on the Airhead Ephemera site; they focus mostly on the R100RS and include a wiring diagram, dealer delivery checklists, accessory catalogs and more  |  BMW R-series info pages  |  Many BMW owners use Motolights on their bikes   |  An article from the Honolulu Star Bulletin on the R1100RTP for the troops  |  Boxer Design has performance parts for R bikes; they specialize in carbon fiber fabrications for boxers  |  A May 1977 reprint of a “Cycle” magazine test of the 1977 BMW R100S  |  BMW model info on the R100S  |  Check out Jim Franzen’s beautiful R75/5 “S” custom!  |  CC’s website has some nice photos of various custom R’s  |  Info on 1978 BMW’s, especially the R100S and original brochures are available on the Airhead Ephemera site  |  How to set the points How to set the points on a /5 BMW  |  Some interesting photos comparing BMW S, RS and RT fairings on early BMW motorcycles  |  The Airtech Archive has technical information and a bulletin board with postings for Airheads  |  Download Bob’s BMW Airheads parts catalog in .pdf form, 1.1mb; tons of BMW Airhead parts that you can’t find anywhere else

BMW Airhead Parts:  New starter motors from Moto Elektrik made by Nippondenso for Toyota trucks, but fit Airheads with half the Bosch weight and less current draw!  Claimed drop-in replacement for 77-87 twins and 88-95 Boxers  |  Progressive shocks  |  Online BMW parts catalog at Max BMW Motorcycles  |  Boyer electronic ignitions, silicone gaskets, Mikuni carb conversions at Rocky Point Cycle  |  Bing carburetors  |  Selection of Airhead parts, including billet triple clamp at A&S BMW Motorcycles  |  BMW Airhead rearsets at Omar’s Cafe  |  Thunderchild diode boards  |  Airhead tires on the wBW Motorcycle Tires Page  |  Valeo and Bosch starters at Euro Motoelectrics  |  Selection of used Airhead parts at Airheadsalvage

BMW /5:  The 2004 Festival of Fives will be held in Seneca Rocks, West Virginia

wBW BMW R65 – BMW R65LS Articles:  Installing Progressive Fork Springs on a BMW R65  |  Bing carburetor silicone replacement gaskets  |  My BMW R65 “S” page  |  Installing a Harrison Billet Mini-6 front brake caliper on an R65  |  Installing a Progressive Suspension 420 shock on a BMW R65  |  Some useful R65 technical articles are listed above on this page and also on the wBW Technical Articles Page  |  See the wBW technical article onchoosing tire sizes for the R65  |  The site has good info on the R65; some of the links are broken, but useful all the same; the site includes an R65 related discussion group  |  The R65 registry  |  The R65 info site  |  Noemi Berry’s R65 FAQ site is very useful  |  R45 – R65 shop manuals available at Mercian Manuals; search for “BMW”

BMW R69S:  Marco’s excellent site with plenty o’ photos showing the restoration of his 1966 R69S  |  Photos and information on vintage BMW motorcycles, including an old Cycle World road test of the R69S

BMW R90S:  The BMW R90S site with info, bikes for sale and more  |  The worldwide R90S owner’s registry  |  TheBMW R90S Restoration Project  |  The National BMW R90S Sport Owner’s Club  |  BMW R90S “The Dawn of the Superbike” page at the AMA Motorcycle Museum  |  BMW R90S technical specifications and some model history

R1100S:  R1100S Goodies hand-formed aluminum belly pans, stealth license plate brackets and more  |  R1100S Tech Forum at Pelican Parts is an active forum with some good information on the R1100S and the surge cure  |  Exhaustive 87+ pages of BMW R1100S test reports and information can be ordered and downloaded from MC Reports

BMW R100RS:  The wBW BMW R100RS page

BMW R1100RT: is the site for RT riders  |  Cary’s BMW RT Source Page has info on this bike; a BBS and an RT FAQ

BMW R1150R:  Yes, a website devoted to the R1150R!  |  How about you R1200R owners?  Drop us a line at

BMW C1:  The BMW C1 Club has lots of information on this unique motorcycle  |  The BMW C1 Forum U.K.  |  The C1 Biker Portal  |  C1 VIN Decoder

BMW K1200LT:  RMH-Tech manufactures unique products for the K1200LT  |  The BMW Luxury Touring website, aka, is the community of K12LT riders with articles on accessories, maintenance and more

BMW Cruiser R1200C “Chromeheads”:  The site is focused on the “BMW R1200C family of motorcycles, their owners and ANYONE that has an interest in them”  |  Tony the Dutchy’s site has information on the R1200C and some technical articles and maintenance information

BMW GS Motorcycles – Bikes:  BMW R1200GS Info  |  GS Riders is a site for Northern California GS owners  |  Check out the Lead Dog helmet light for riding in the dark or off road  |  I wish every bike had a site like this — the Adventure Rider site is the place for GS riders and other “adventure touring” types  |  Here’s a site that includes a page with information on GS noise reduction, windscreens and fairings, including user feedback on various products and retailers contact information  |  Calling all GS riders: sign up for the GS email list; here’s the Micapeak page with everything you need to know; the Micapeak mail lists are usually of high quality and a great way to meet friends and learn about your bike  |  A site explaining the BMW GS series of motorcycles  |  Motorcycle News off-road ride with the F650 GS  |  Toasty Muffs are now called Hippo Hands again; hand warmers for GS riders, fork gaiters and authentic B3 Bomber jackets  |  F650GS equipment, including racks, bags and tankbags is available at Riderhaus  |  Micatech titanium light bars and skid plates for the R1100GS – R1150GS; also Pilot luggage, HID light bulb replacements and LED turn signals to replace the stock GS signals – smaller, lighter and longer lasting

BMW F650 – F650GS:  Trevor’s site for U.K. F650 riders  |  Road test of the F650CS  |  Eurotech Motorsports has Cee Bailey windscreens, engine guards, center stands, Mahle oil filters and more for the F650GS

BMW K Motorcycles – Bikes:  Hope you never see these Police versions of the K1200RS in your rear view mirror!  |  K1200 owners – Rhinewest Performance makes a software conversion for the K1200RS that supposedly gives a 10 hp increase at 8500 RPM and a 5-7 ft. lbs. torque increase across the rev range (as if you needed it!); specs and test results are available on their site also

BMW K75:  The wBW BMW K75 page has links to K75 articles

BMW K1200RS Riders:  If you like the K12RS check out the premier K1200RS Site – Articles, information and a very active mail list  |  Larry Wilbers K1200RS Tips page on the IBMWR site is very informative  |  The Pirate’s Lairhas tons of performance parts, exhaust systems and other accessories for the K12