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BMW Is Working on a Fully Faired R 18, Could Call it Transcontinental

BMW R 18 transcontinental

Makes Sense

BMW’s R 18 cruiser is a big bike perfect for cruising around and enjoying a ton of torque. It’s a special bike and an all-new design based on a massive 1,800cc boxer twin engine. To get the most out of the R 18 platform, BMW is going to come out with several variations, including a fully-faired version. 

According to Bike Social, new trademark applications suggest that BMW will call the fully-faired version of the R 18 the Transcontinental. This would make sense. An R 18 equipped with a full fairing and some hard luggage would make for one of the bet better big touring machines out there.

There have been sightings and spy shots of the fairing for the R 18. It looks quite a bit like the big batwing fairings you’ll see on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Still, this gives you another option with some Bavarian engineering and style. 

Other than the added touring amenities and features, the R 18 is likely not to change much. This means you’ll still get the same engine and chassis and most of the same riding characteristics. The bike will be heavier thanks to the new equipment, but it should be a consummate highway cruiser.