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BMW G 650 GS models recalled again

BMW Motorrad BMW G 650 GS Sertao with free on-roads is $10,990 rideaway motorcycle discounts
BMW G 650 GS Sertao

BMW Motorrad Australia has again issued a recall on the G 650 GS and G 650 GS Sertao over ongoing issues of the engine stalling.

The issue goes back to September 2015 when the motorcycles were first recalled blaming a software error in the BMS-E engine management ECU.

The latest voluntary safety recall issued through the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission seems to be identical.

“Software errors in the engine control unit (Digital Motor Electronics-E) can cause a faulty setting of the idle controller,” the notice says.

“In some cases, this can result in the engine stalling when it is at idle speed and the clutch is disengaged. If the engine stalls this could potentially cause an accident or hazard to the rider and other road users.”

This latest recall affects motorcycles made from April 2013 to October 2015, which suggests that the previous error was not fixed properly.

It also means the bikes may have been sold to other users now not known by BMW.

So BMW has asked owners to contact an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer, or call the BMW Group Australia Customer Interaction Centre on freecall 1800 813 299 to check if their bike is affected.

BMW G 650 GS Sertao recall
BMW G 650 GS Sertao

Husky owners in limbo

The stalling issue also affects the Husqvarna TR650 Terra and Strada models which were made and sold by BMW at the time.

BMW purchased Husqvarna in 2007 and sold it to Pierrer Industrie, the major shareholder in KTM in 2013

Now it seems BMW is not co operating with the Husqvarna/KTM group in updating these models even though the only dealerships with the diagnostics systems to reprogram the ECU are BMW dealerships.

Motorcycle rights advocate and G 650 GS Dakar owner Wayne Carruthers says it leaves some 250 Husky owners on Australian roads at the risk of engines dangerously stalling at traffic lights and the riders being rear-ended.

Wayne Carruthers exhaust helmets G 650
Wayne Carruthers

The Husky situation is an Australian scandal,” he says. “Canada and the USA have had a recall in place since 2015 and they are advising owners not to ride the machines.

“The really silly part is many machines were delivered with old firmware. Some 90% of the problems can be resolved by updates to the last-release version available on the BMW diagnostics system which we have organised for owners.

“However, BMW has been instructing their dealers not to reprogram and ACCC/DOTARS have completely failed to issue a recall despite knowing the details of the problems and the short- and long-term fixes required.”

The problems with the TR650 highlight the broader issue of how models are supported in the marketplace after the sale of a company.

The information published with regard to the agreements between BMW and Husqvarna after the 2013 sale were that the two companies combined would support the TR650 for 10 years.

Husqvarna TR650 G 650
Husqvarna TR650 Terra


Recall notices are issued by the manufacturer through a voluntary industry code under the ACCC.

Despite hundreds of recalls by various automotive manufacturers, none has ever been mandatory.  All have been issued by the manufacturer.

While any recall is not good news for the manufacturer, it shows that they are largely diligent in fixing problems.

If you believe there is an endemic problem with your bike that should be recalled, contact the ACCC on 1300 302 502.

To check whether your motorcycle has been recalled, click on these sites:

• Australia


• UK

• New Zealand

• Canada

  1. I HAVE to leave a reply to this. I bought a brand new 2014 G650GS – very excited when I got it, loved it (I previously owned a 2002 model and was happy to exchange to a new model). Had the bike for a few weeks (went on hols for 4 weeks) came back rode it to work. As I was approaching roundabout the bike just ‘clicked’, stalled and everything went out. I restarted and got to work (only a couple of minutes). I though it might be because the bike had been ‘standing’ for 4 weeks.
    Some few weeks later on a group ride up the Putty Road, we stopped at Colo to get petrol. The bike started but wouldnt idle, kept stalling. I had to keep throttle on to keep it going which was dangerous in itself but I wasn’t too worried as not in traffic to get home – only when I got into Windsor area the problem of ‘non idling’ affected me. When I changed down the bike stalled. It stalled on a roundabout which put the wind up me. By the way I had rung BMW Roadside Assist who were not all that helpful…. (they received a phone call from me he following day). Note that the bike could not go to the local dealer as he did not want anything to do with me as I purchased the bike elsewhere. It was delivered to where I bought it. Computer fix and I got it back. Happened again, twice, and in the middle of all these issues I found a petrol leak (wondered why it STANK of petrol)…. I had lots of issues and kept dates etc and phone calls to and from BMW and Roadside Assist. The bike went back numerous times and the same fault ensued. In the end I wrote to BMW advising that I wanted my money back otherwise I was going to fair trading – I advised i DID NOT want a replacement G650GS – how could I ride ‘with confidence’ – I dreaded riding it….. They stepped up and I got a new bike F700. The dealer was fantastic and I cannot fault them in any way…. (or this bike) a year down the line and I love it! Very sad re the G650 as I loved riding that too before the problems. So I would say to anyone who has an issue with their G650GS take it back to get fault rectified, make diary notes of dates and what and when. Write to BMW Customer Care and tell them how it is….. go to Fair Trading because in all honesty even if BMW they had solved the problem I would be forever worried if it came back what it would cost to fix and also how could I sell this bike to someone else knowing the problem I had with it?

  2. I purchased a Husqvarna TR650 at the start of 2014 and was very aware of the change of ownership that had occurred and that an agreement had been made between BMW & KTM to continue supporting the bike for the next 10 years. What I did not realise was how ineffective the ACCC are at enforcing this agreement in Australia. My bike randomly stalls so I went back to the Husqvarna dealer to get the issue rectified. What I found out – there was a firmware update available for my bike at the time of delivery however the dealership was not able to install it as BMW had removed access to the online component of the diagnostic tool. So next I contacted BMW Motorrad head office in Melbourne – after a lot of correspondence the answer was “No BMW dealerships will not service or update the Husqvarna motorcycles”. I then raised a Vehicle Safety & Non Compliance Report to DOTARS the Government agency that assists the ACCC in monitoring road vehicle recalls and enforcing the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and a range of additional legislation. Unfortunately despite the submission of a large number of Vehicle Safety & Non Compliance Reports by other Husqvarna owners and the overwhelming evidence/data provided to DOTARS by industry experts, the ACCC has failed to enforce the agreement to support the motorcycle for the next 10 years. Ironically one role of the ACCC is to protect the interest and safety of consumers and I can tell you this bike is not safe and many have experienced the random stalling not just me.
    BMW are not excused in this either, the Husqvarna TR and BMW GS 650 G share a lot of parts including the ECU which controls the engine. What is interesting is that BMW have issued a second recall for the GS 650 G that exhibits the same stalling issue as the Husqvarna and in some cases BMW Motorrad have bought back GS bikes from unhappy owners. BMW and their Dealerships have the diagnostics software and firmware updates to support the motorcycles and also have the ability to further develop the firmware for the Husqvarna to address additional issues identified in the GS updates.
    It is not just the Husqvarna owners that are affected; the Husqvarna dealers that sold the BMW built motorcycles invested time and money into the diagnostic tools but these are now obsolete as BMW have revoked online access.
    Surely the cost for BMW to include the Husqvarna TR650 into the current GS650 G recall would be a lot less than the damage to their reputation and the safety of the Husqvarna motorcycle owners.

    1. Nicholas speaks the truth.
      One thing is for sure. These two motorcycles should not be in the Learner Approved category.

  3. The Husqvarna TR650 is a BMW built motorcycle with a BMS-E ECU, this ECU has software issues and a new update is available (8543015) through BMW. BMW have the equipment and trained personnel to perform the update but will not update the software as the vehicle was imported by the Paul Feeney Group and now have updated their own systems which no longer supports this motorcycle. The Husqvarna dealerships are unable to update the ECU as rights to the software have been removed and the Husqvarna dealerships no longer have the equipment or training to perform the update. BMW have issued a safety recall in Australia for the G650GS for random stalling, this bike has the same BMS-E ECU, I was told this after the tech’s test road my motorcycle and plugged it in to their computers to be told they can no longer do work on the Husqvarna “BMW” motorcycle as their software was updated. Husqvarna and BMW dealerships know about this issue. Canada and America have issued a recall for the Husqvarna TR650 motorcycle.

    The Husqvarna dealerships are unable to update the ECU as they no longer have access to the required equipment or software. The BMW dealerships are unable to provide the update and also do not want to take on the liability of a Husqvarna branded motorcycle with their running gear. The new owners of Husqvarna motorcycles “KTM” DO NOT WANT any thing to do with the old “BMW” Husqvarna’s motorcycles. Paul Feeney Group have not provided any resolution to the issue.

  4. The BMW Dealer systems, even the latest versions, can update the Terra/Strada/Nuda if the Dealer staff know what they are doing, the Dealer does however carry a liability if the update fails because of BMW’s denial of responsibility for the BMSE and their Dealer Diagnostic Systems

    The Husqvarna Dealers could also do the updates if they purchased the additional hardware and software from KTM to do the updates, this is what Dahlitz Motorcycles have done, it is simply not economic for many Husqvarna Dealers to purchase the software

    PFG did have the capability to do the updates last year and it would be expected they still have the capability but the bottom line is they were acting as an agent for the wholly owned BMW subsidiary Husqvarna AG at the time these machines were sold and many machines were sold with outdated firmware simply because of a failure to ensure the Dealers were trained and equipped to ensure machines were updated prior to sale to customers. The 8543015 firmware was available from the first quarter of 2013

    DOTARS and the ACCC have failed in their duty of care to the TR650 Husqvarna owners

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