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Bimota Will Put the Tesi H2 Into Production in September, Testing Now

Bimota tesi h2 profile view

Testing the Tesi H2

Bimota recently told Motorcycle News that it would be putting the Tesi H2 into production in September of this year. That is very good news indeed if you want an exotic supercharged Italian sportbike, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t? The motorcycle will come in a couple of different colors, according to Bimota spokesperson Gianluca Galasso.

“For a registered bike, with the paint – now slightly different to the Eicma show – and all the production parts, we need to wait until the beginning of August,” Galasso continued. “The red is a particular formula and it changes shades in accordance to the light angle. The white is a matt pearl white.”

The company is currently testing the Tesi H2 at racetracks in Europe. It recently posted a video and images of the bike at Autodromo dell’Umbria circuit, in Magione, Italy. 

“We went to Magione because this is the toughest racetrack for brake tests,” Galasso said. “It is very easy to have brakes ‘fading’ due to the limited time to cool down the rotor discs and calipers.

“Basically, the whole bike had to be tested – particularly the brakes, trail, ground clearance, height, shocks setting, and few other small parts,” he told Motorcycle News.

You can check out the video the company posted to its YouTube channel below.