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Bimota KB4 Set For 2021

20 Units for 2021

The retro-inspired Bimota KB4 motorcycle is finally set to debut for a very small production run come March of 2021.

The sportbike should feature the same 1043cc inline-four found in the Kawasaki Ninja 1000xs and their other recent design, the $75,500 USD Bimota Tesi H2 (supercharged).

The Euro 5 compliant engine will be crammed into what Bimota describes as a ‘600cc’ race bike frame and body, as they truly want this motorcycle to come from a racing pedigree. They hope that with the small size it will maintain a nimble nature despite the large literbike engine powering the motorcycle.

There is currently no information on official specs (pricing) or images of a production unit, but what we do know is the engine size, amount of units to be produced and a few renders thrown into the mix.

Some other features we are aware of are is the TFT dash, TC, ABS, quick shifter, OZ forged wheels, manual Ohlins suspension, and a billet rear swingarm.

Oh yeah, how can we forget? Bimota only plans to have 20 total units allocated for the UK market. Assume this retro-inspired motorcycle will cost you more than you could imagine due to the low production volume and amount of tech Bimota plans to package into the motorcycle. Having a 1000cc+ engine crammed into a 600cc-sized package will prove difficult, otherwise many companies would already have been doing it.

As I mentioned previously, Bimota will be bringing 20 units to the UK market for the limited production run in March 2021. Once more details on pricing and actual photos of the prototypes come out, we will be sure to share them with you.